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Here is a question for all of you Warren G fans out there: Are we still in the G funk era?

Or is it over with? Do you think historians will study the early 90’s and refer to it as the “G funk era”? Will Nate Dogg be looked at as a prophet? Is he the Elijah of our time? These questions must be answered Warren! You can’t just put out a revolutionary album like this and not keep us updated as to the status of the so called “G funk era”. I feel the track “94 ho draft” is an example of how Warren G is calling upon his disciples and is literally drafting women to join his G funk cause. The song “Do you see” where he says “You don’t see what I see, everyday as Warren G,” is an obvious reference to his omnipotence. As with many cults, Warren G’s proposal for the world to join him in his “G funk era” has been met with resistence throughout the years. But with over 4 million people buying into his “Regulate… G funk era” plan, only time can tell how this groundbreaking album will be viewed by future generations.

New Forms Of Expression

So I’m really into winking now… I’m winkin left and right… Sometimes people get the wrong idea… but I’m just winkin baby…

The wink is the greatest expression of approval since the Beach Boys made the “thumbs up” the ultimate sign of cool… You don’t think anyone uses the thumbs up anymore? Well try riding in the corvette with my dad and you’ll think otherwise… people are tossing thumbs at my dad like it’s salt water taffy! The “thumbs up” is here to stay!!!!!!!