I haunt your vision
And create friction
But you still love my diction
Because I don’t believe in fiction
And I’m like an addiction
Clouding your religion
Preaching nuclear fission

Like the dean of admission
Harvard law instruction
But you didn’t pay tuition
You failed your education
Slipped on your preparation
And you don’t have the qualification
To compete with my interpretation
Of the reality of the situation
So you turn to masturbation
Live only for intoxication
Until one day you seek edification
Put your vices on probation
Finally get some motivation
Try to change the nation
But your procrastination
Has scarred your perception
And you made one key omission
You have no ambition

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I started blogging in the year 2000, and go in spurts of inspiration followed by long dormancy. I love writing, and your comments keep me going, so comment!

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