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Random Thoughts on the mother of all holidays.

Why do we call it Thanksgiving? Who are we giving thanks to? Are we showing our thanks to our relatives by eating their food? Does pumpkin pie mean that you’re more thankful than pecan pie? If you go up for 8ths on green bean casserole, does that mean that you are the most thankful of all? If that is the case, then I am the most thankful person in the world!

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Where are they now? – Sloth


You may remember this line from the movie “The Goonies”. You may remember that the person who said this line was Sloth. Sloth is probably the best character in any movie ever. This guy had it all… Charisma, articulation, sheer size, brute force, a superman t shirt, ears that would move at random times, a love for ROCKY ROAD ice cream, love in his heart for his little buddy Chunk, the love for the song “rock a bye baby”, uncanny acting ability, and countless other redeeming qualities that will never be topped in American Cinema. He was my favorite character in my favorite childhood movie. With all of the fame and notoriety Sloth obviously gained from his role in the Goonies, there comes an imposing question: Where is Sloth now?

If anyone can enlighten me to where I can find my little Slothy bear, I’d be very grateful.

To Lajon

Last night, I attended a concert featuring 30 Seconds to Mars and Sevendust. Immediately prior to the Sevendust set, we learned that there was a death in the family of Sevendust, yet the show would go on. After Sevendust took the stage, it was obvious that the death was someone close to Lajon, the lead singer of Sevendust, because of the tears in his eyes. After the first song, Lajon told us that he just learned of the death of his younger brother. He said that he thought about not playing tonight, but his father told him that it was something he needed to do. What followed was probably the most emotional, heartfelt concert that I have ever witnessed, highlighted by the song Angel’s Son, which is a beautiful song that Sevendust wrote in honor of the late Lynn Strait. I have seen this song before live, and every time he sings, it, Lajon cries. This time, though, it was far more emotional and meaningful, and the whole crowd could feel his pain. Let me just say, this concert was absolutely spectacular.

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