Wardrobe Malfunction

Apparently I didn’t remember a minute detail when I dressed myself this morning. It wasn’t until I was sitting at my desk when I noticed a pleasant breeze over my nether regions. Looking down, I noticed I had an excellent view of my boxer briefs. Now, if I wasn’t sitting at work, this would have been of little concern. In fact, I may have done nothing to correct this problem, due to it’s uninhibited nature. However, I wouldn’t be able to hide under my desk all day, so I knew I had to do something about it. I a few minutes for a co-worker to arrive and told her that my pants today had a tear in a place that was “work inappropriate”. After a solid laugh, I asked her to back me up while I went home. Then I went to inform my boss of my “wardrobe malfunction”. Apparently, he overheard my previous conversation, because he started laughing at me and said “get out of here”. Needless to say, I promptly drove home for a change in attire.

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  1. Kristi Sauer says:

    This is one of my favorite stories!!!!!! LMAO!!!!