Brandons song

Continuing the song theme. This one is dedicated to Brandon, and his neverending love for chips and loose women.

It takes me an hour to get ready
But I keep rockin it steady
I want for you to wait so I can come with
I’m motherfucking B, Brandon Smith

My favorite saying is “Jigga What”
I used to be a boy slut
But now I have changed my ways
At least for the next few days

My girlfriend says weird things like neato
I would give my left kidney for a flaming hot cheetoh
I invite my friends over to swim, they skinny dip
I would give my right kidney for a goddamn chip
Most people dream of pleasant locales
I dream of threesomes with all kinds of gals
Overactive sex drive it seems to be
Oh it’s tough, the life of B

The B stands for Bling, you know it’s true
I’d roll on dubs if I had a few
Dollars in my pocket I need me some more
But I’m addicted to chips, like crack to a whore

Wise men are known for their wealth of knowledge
I’m known for cleaning off a wing, even the cartiledge
Wise men study presidents, like Calvin Coolidge
I study girls, I used to major in “gettin’ bootiledge”!!

My life is so tough, I don’t know what to do
How would you handle it if I were you?
In the game of life, I’m just a lonely chip
Still waiting to break out some sweet ass dip

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