Erins Song

I wrote this song when I was bored back in October of 2003. I am posting it on the website as a request from Brandon.

This song is dedicated to my dear friend Erin, who has huge boobs.

People don’t care what I have to say
It’s not my fault, I was born this way
I need a man who isn’t like the rest
“What did you say, I was staring at your chest?”

Maybe it’s the age, maybe they’re immature
When I wear a tank top, everyone wants a tour
I need a man who is kind, I need a man who is nice
I need man who is unafraid to wear old spice

I don’t want these breasts, I want to be free
When I get horny I say “give it to me!”
I am full of pent up sex rage, can’t you see
I’ll even take advantage of KB

People treat me like a piece of meat
It’s been 3 years since I’ve seen my feet
You know anti-social is my style
Eminem should win an oscar for 8 mile

About my breasts I have to vent
They are the ones who stabbed 50 cent
It wasn’t Ja Rule, or his bodyguard
It was my nipples, damn they’re hard!

My right boob was on the grassy knoll
My left won 6 rings as a Chicago Bull
My globes have been all over the globe
One time I touched my boob to my earlobe

Once upon a time there was a jug
That erected a man just through a hug
When I see it, my world unravels
Like nothing I’ve seen in my worldly travels

“About a boob” the title of my book
I caught Areola giving me that look
A wink and a smile, made me tingle inside
My love for your neeps I can no longer hide

I feel weird saying this, we just met
I’d love to tame your tit into a personal pet
I’d treat it well, with respect
I’d go to school to be your personal booby vet

My breasts alone could collect alimony
I just had to attend an award ceremony
Best actress Oscar? Umm… no way
Best actress in the golden globes is how I play

If you want to cure world famine
My breast is what you should examine
This is the blueprint to world peace
Show the world my double D’s

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