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An Open Letter to Chipotle

Dear Chipotle,
As a loyal fan of the Chipotle franchise, I have never questioned your business practices or recipes. I can clearly see that the Chipotle franchise is run by a group of perfectionists, who always strive to be the best. I would never tempt to interfere with perfection, so I have remained silent amid years of Chipotle loyalty. However, I am becoming more and more perturbed by a pressing issue that I feel has gone unresolved for too long. Given my history of loyalty to your franchise, I feel that I have earned my right to make a suggestion that will surely lead to increased satisfaction with your product. I am proposing that chipotle implement a Burrito Incentive Program (BIP) to reward the most loyal of customers.

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My Golf Story

I always golfed 7-10 rounds a summer since 9th or 10th grade. I was never any good, but it was fun. In college, when money was tight, I’d still golf during summers. It got to the point where I was frustrated at paying $25-40 to be bad at something, so I started playing less. One day, about three years ago, I went golfing at Manitou Ridge in White Bear Lake with my dad and brother. I had a poor round, and was getting frustrated. So, I proclaimed on the 5th hole that this was to be my last round of golf… EVER. The round continued to go poorly until the 9th hole.

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