My Golf Story

I always golfed 7-10 rounds a summer since 9th or 10th grade. I was never any good, but it was fun. In college, when money was tight, I’d still golf during summers. It got to the point where I was frustrated at paying $25-40 to be bad at something, so I started playing less. One day, about three years ago, I went golfing at Manitou Ridge in White Bear Lake with my dad and brother. I had a poor round, and was getting frustrated. So, I proclaimed on the 5th hole that this was to be my last round of golf… EVER. The round continued to go poorly until the 9th hole.

The 9th hole at Manitou Ridge is a highly elevated (the teebox was probably 100+ feet above the green) 320 yd par 4. It is the perfect hole for someone to drive the green. Jeffrey Sauer, a man vowing to quit golf altogether, had one last hole for sweet vindication. This was my fate. I stepped up to the teebox, chose my trusty steel shaft Taylor Made driver, got into my stance, and knocked the living crap out of the ball. Remarkably, my shot lands 5 feet from the pin. I tap in the 5 footer for an eagle.

This is a true situation, but also a metaphor for the way golf works. It is the conundrum that keeps players playing, keeps us going for more. It is the fact karma is omnipresent in the game of golf. Just when I was about to give up hope, to quit the game of golf altogether, I play the most perfect hole of golf in my lifetime. This was the defining moment in my golf career. Naturally, most players would take this as a sign of future improvement, and hit the links soon after. Not in my case.

I wanted to go out a winner.

I wanted to stick it to the golf gods.

I wanted to end my career on a positive note.

I wanted to stand up for myself against golf oppression.

So, I stuck with my initial intuition, and gave up the game of golf; I have not hit a single golf ball to this day.

Some people may say I am crazy; point taken.

Some people may be inspired by my tale; inspiration comes from strange places.

Regardless of what you may think, this is why I no longer play the game of golf.

About Jeff Sauer

I started blogging in the year 2000, and go in spurts of inspiration followed by long dormancy. I love writing, and your comments keep me going, so comment!

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