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Tokyo Diary – Part II

Sunday, May 16, 2005

7:00 – I finally decide to wake up after lying in bed for a while. Brian woke up early and decided to take a shower at 6 AM. Apparently he had a headache ever since we landed at Narita. I plug in my computer and listen to music, drink coffee, and wake up a little bit. Not much of a departure from my regular routine in America.

9:00 – We decide to head out and explore the town. We asked the hotel concierge how to get to the subway, and they provided us with a very helpful English language map.

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Tokyo Diary – Part I

Saturday, May 15, 2005
17:00 – Arrive at Narita Airport. Flight arrives 30 minutes early. Last half hour of flight was still QUITE long.

17:30 – Bus arrives at airport. The bus is scheduled to take us to our hotel, as well as make stop at several other hotels in the same general vicinity. The ride seems to take forever.

19:30 – Finally arrive at hotel after what seems like an eternity. We were the 5th stop on the bus. Each stop seems to drag on for unnecessarily long periods of time. If the bus is supposed to be the easiest way to get to the hotel, I’d hate to see the more difficult options.

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