Free Burrito Freestyle

I wrote this in 6 minutes, so I apologize if it sucks.

where to start I don’t know
how about black and pinto?
so many options, but I go the same
chicken fajita is why I came

the sour cream is a dream
the cheese keeps me at ease
should I go bol or fajita?
I guess it all depends on the dia

I just used spanglish in that verse
but you wanna know what’s worse?
the other day I was feeling sorta down
then I went to the local chipolte in town

waiting in line, I started to feel great
just thinking about a past burrito that I ate
as I walked down the line my disposition improved
then they made a gesture, I was truly moved

it seems as if someone was smiling at me
they gave me an entire burrito, for free!
(well, free minus the guacamole)
I thought to myself could this truly be?
I had no cash, so I had to use my CC
On my bank statement, a $1.44 charge I see

I ask myself why they charge for the guac
but honestly, I am too excited to talk
when life gets you down, take it day to day
because you never know when a free burrito will come your way!

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I started blogging in the year 2000, and go in spurts of inspiration followed by long dormancy. I love writing, and your comments keep me going, so comment!

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