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Those of you who read my Open Letter to Chipotle, may be wondering if I ever received a response to request to bring Chipotle to Roseville. The answer is yes. One of the things they asked me to do in their response was to scout locations for a potential Roseville location.

Until recently, I haven’t been holding up my end of the bargain. I did not even respond to their letter. I guess it was a combination of feeling slighted and laziness. Well, I recently skinny dipped in the motivation pool, and I am once again on a mission to bring Chipotle to Roseville.

For starters, I have registered a domain name ( and I plan on putting up a website. Here is what I plan to put on the site. Please post comments if you have any more ideas!

  • Take pictures of possible locations
  • Give demographics of Roseville area
  • Show a map centered upon Roseville, and show how there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING near the city.
  • Write a story about my experience at Comcast one day (employees there were like “man, I really want Chipotle, but there’s nothing here. If someone brought Chipotle to Roseville, they would make a lot of money”). CHA CHING!
  • Get hot chicks to be Chipotle models for my website (whether I use the pics on the site is another story. Just being around hot chicks is good times!)
  • Keep on sending them the link until they finally give in.

Help me come up with some more ideas!

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  1. Hold a demonstration. Have a sit-in on Snelling Ave until Chipotle agrees to find a location!!!!


    Interview people at the mall or outside different businesses about whether they’d like a Chipotle and video tape their responses?

  2. Add the north side of White Bear Lake to that request. There is no Chipotle even close and THAT would make a lot of money. There are two great locations on Hwy 96 that would be perfect.