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Reply from Chipotle


Thank you for writing us, and we certainly appreciate your loyalty to our food and restaurants. That is not debatable. And while you are most definitely not the first person either inside or outside our company to consider frequency programs and the like, that of course doesn’t mean that we don’t listen to this suggestion or consider it anew every time it is suggested.

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Striking Out at Super Target

Freshly showered, it’s time to pick out my wardrobe. I put on my finest polo shirt and my tightest jeans. Pomade in the hair, extra squirt of cologne and I’m looking good. I give myself a final once over and I’m ready to go.

There’s no doubt in my mind that tonight I’ll be breaking some hearts. I’m about to embark on my bi-weekly pilgrimage to the single woman Mecca. I’m going to the store that combines women’s two most favorite tasks; shopping for groceries and toiletries. Yes, I’m going to Super Target, and I’m not leaving without getting me some digits.

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