Brush with Celebrity

I originally wrote this as a guest post for My Sisters Blog. I’m publishing it here just in case you want to read it.

I’m just an average Joe. Well, that’s not entirely true. My name is Jeff. One sentence into this and I’m already lying to you. This bothers me.

I pride myself in being an honest man, so I’m not sure why I have already lapsed in talking to you. People have called me sincere, and even honest. One time, I even think I overheard a guy at the gas station saying that I was trustworthy. In fact, before that President Lincoln guy came around, I was known by honest Jeff.

So, it bothers me when people think I’m lying when I tell them about my plans for this weekend. You see, this weekend, I will be traveling to Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact, to be a security guard at a Celebrity Fashion Show.

I know nothing about security.

While I’m a sizable man, the notion of working security has never occurred to me at any point in my life. I work with computers. I’m a geek. I design web pages. I’m a dork. I think that playing with databases and working with numbers is fun. I’m a nerd.

I am an all-purpose pseudo intellectual with a penchant for the inane. That’s what I do.

That is why you may find it strange that when the opportunity arose for me to rub shoulders with celebrities, enjoy a backstage point of view to an exclusive event, and do something completely out of the ordinary, I volunteered my services in about 2.2 seconds.

Actually, I doubt that you find that strange at all. You may very well take the same opportunity if presented. I was presented this opportunity through one of my business partners, who is a former security guard for the artist Prince. While he has since retired from being a security guard for celebrities, he still has ties to many celebrities and still does security for special events. He was selected by his good friend Sheila E to be head of security for her fashion show, and he gladly accepted. He then needed to round up a series of volunteers to help staff the event, and I was an invitee. The rest is history.

I am excited for the event, and I have a feeling it is going to go very well. My lone inhibition is that I literally know NOTHING about security. While I’ve been assured that this will be an easy event, I still wonder if I’m getting in over my head. I will find out soon enough.

It’s hard to point out a single celebrity that I’m most interested in meeting, they are all great. I am probably most interested in meeting Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Bill Cosby, and Gabrielle Union. Check back soon to see how everything goes!

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