Florida Diary – Day 2

I woke up today and my back hurt pretty bad. Not sure if it was the airplane ride, or if it’s the fact that I’m an OLD MAN! They say that “40 is the new 30”, but I’m not sure that’s how I feel. In my case, it’s more like “24 is the new 84” (which is not to be confused by “24 is the greatest show ever”, which is the consensus of the American television viewing public).

I wake up to my mom pouring me a cup of coffee and making me an Omelet and I forget entirely about my old man aches and pains. There aren’t many things in the world I enjoy more than Franny’s cooking, and I find great comfort in knowing that I will be enjoying such extravagant meals over the next two weeks.

After breakfast settles, I decide to take a run on the beach. I’m used to running 3-6 miles just about every day, so I’m thinking that running on the beach will be a piece of cake. I was mistaken. Running on the beach is actually quite difficult. I tough it out for two miles and decide that I’ve had enough for one day. I decide to walk another 2 miles just to get a decent amount of exercise.

We decide to go to Clearwater beach for the day, and I am excited to go. I first went to Clearwater Beach when I was in High School, and I have some very fond memories of being there. I distinctly remember the surf shops and the shirts, towels and post cards riddled with bare titties. As a high schooler, there isn’t much better than going on a family vacation and being treated to such views (tastefully done, of course).

Well, I’m many years older now, but I’m still giddy for the surf shops. The one we went to on this day was pretty cool. I picked up a pair of sunglasses with Snakes on the frame (yes, I am a badass). I also picked up a piece of crap necklace that will probably break in two weeks.

In addition to my two vital purchases at the surf shop, I saw several hilarious shirts. The most outrageous one was a shirt featuring Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice in militia gear with the heading “Meet the Fuckers”. Pretty blatant. My personal favorite was a shirt that said “RPA” and had a logo similar to the NBA’s logo. The difference was that RPA stood for Redneck Pimp Association, and the logo was that of a pimp. The best part about the t-shirts was that I was looking at them with my mom and trying to explain why the concept of a Redneck Pimp Association is pretty funny. Somehow, she didn’t find the humor.

We spent some more time walking around Clearwater and had a pretty fun time. There was a street puppeteer who was very talented. He was easily one of the top ten street puppeteers in the Tampa Area.

We then left Clearwater to go to happy hour. This was absolutely necessary, since I needed to keep my streak alive. What streak is that, you ask? Oh, that’s my streak of consecutive happy hours with my parents in Florida. This day made it 8 of 8 in the past two years. We’re like an unstoppable Happy Hour force.

This happy hour was decent. I got a black and tan that was in a plastic cup. Nothing says a good pub like plastic pint glasses. Mom and Connie and I took our pictures in front of two huge fishes.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Shells. It’s one of the best seafood restaurants in town, and is quite popular. I love it! I got there at 6:55 and worked my magic in getting two for one’s for me and my crew before happy hour ended at 7. Then we had our meal, which was pretty freaking awesome. I got blackened cajun salmon. It was the best fish I’ve ever had in my life. So much flavor and it just felt good eating it. This place is so good that I’ll even eat their steamed vegetables! Broccoli never tasted so good!

Once we got back to the homestead, I started working hard on my project for McDonalds/Ronald McDonald House. I got a lot of stuff done, but ended up working until about 2 AM. I was in a zone and just kept on going. I’m excited, though, because we’re almost done with this huge project, and it’ll be a nice pay day for me. Plus, the site is a showcase, and will be great for future promotional materials. Having a client like McDonalds will hopefully make my business seem more legitimate.

That’s all for Friday.

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  1. If you want something else to do down there, John Majchrzak lives in Tampa now. I’m sure he’d meet up with you if you wanted. Let me know if you want his number.

  2. Redneck Pimp Association!!!!??? Hilarious!! Happy Hour sounds like a blast too! I wish I could’ve gone to FL with you……..

  3. cool