Florida Diary – Day 4

Day 3 was really cold, rainy, boring, and “Internet-less”, so there’s no reason to write a diary.

It was cold on Sunday as well, so we decided to do something indoors. We settled upon attending the Salvador Dali museum, which is something I REALLY wanted to do. The museum was very cool, and I’m glad I attended. It was amazing to see some of the paintings and the explanations behind them. There were a few very large paintings that were brilliant in person.

The strangest part about the museum was that when we were on our way out, we just happened to run into Scott and Liz! How strange is that? I knew that Scott was going to Florida on vacation, but I wasn’t exactly sure where he would be, and I definitely didn’t expect to see him at the same museum as me! It turns out that their hotel is less than two miles away from where I’m staying. What a small world!

For dinner we had some shredded beef that Aunt Connie made. This stuff was very good! I paid close attention to how she cooked the meat, and I hope to try it out when I get back to the cities.

The rest of the night was spent alternating between updating my website, completing the website for Ronald McDonald house and goofing around on MySpace. This MySpace thing is so funny. When I came down to FL, I changed my location to be Redington Shores, thinking I’d throw the vibe out there for the lucky ladies of the area. Well, the vibe must have worked well, because I have already been contacted by a few girls. Perhaps Florida girls like me more than the girls of MN? Let’s hope so!

That’s all for Sunday!

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  1. Did you get a date??? You can experiment with the shredded beef on me when you get home 🙂 Cool that you are working on a McD’s project!