Florida Diary – Day 5

Monday is just as cold as Sunday, so I decide to make it a work day. I worked all morning and into the afternoon. Took a call from my new boss at 5 PM and then went to dinner with my parents.

The Conch Republic is the name of the restaurant of choice. This was a pretty nice restaurant, and we had a very nice waitress. So nice, in fact, that my parents and aunt did all they could to get her to go home with me. I’m not sure whether they crossed the line between funny and uncomfortable, but I thought it was pretty funny. My Dad’s line was my favorite “I have two questions for you: are you married (no) and would you ever consider moving to Minnesota (no).” I’d say the waitress took the flattery quite well, however not well enough to render my parents successful in finding me a girl.

I get back and watch some of the Winter Olympics (I have basically watched them every night so far). Then I check my computer. New MySpace message from… well, let’s call her FL girl. FL girl sends me a myspace message telling me her IM screen name. I send her an IM and we get to talking. She tells me to call her, so I do. We talk on the phone for two hours about lord knows what. Let’s just say that we covered a lot of ground for people who have never met and only started talking the day before. I now know more about her than I have known about past girlfriends. Needless to say, I sort of got turned off and I’m thinking I probably won’t be seeing her.

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