Florida Diary – Day 8

Tyler and I got up today and went for a run along the beach. We decided to go the short route (2 miles total) and it went pretty well. Well, other than the fact that he left me in his dust and finished well ahead of me. This whole beach running experience has been quite humbling.

The McDonald’s site I’ve been working on was being demoed today at 1:00 PM central time, so I had to do some last minute updates before the meeting. That kept me inside for the bulk of the morning/early afternoon. Tyler got bored and went and laid out on the beach. I got done with my work and joined him out there. Ty had not been tanning before Florida, so he got pretty fried all over, even though he used sunscreen. He’ll be RED tomorrow. I only spent about an hour and a half out in the sun, and he spent about 3 hours out there.

We got done with the beach, cleaned up a little, and decided to go to dinner at a place called “Cajun Cafe on the Bayou”. It came highly recommended by Liz. We had a pretty formidable dinner party of Me, Ty, Fran, Jim, Liz, Scott, Liz’s brother and Liz’s parents. 9 Minnesotan’s enjoying the true Bayou experience.

The place itself was very cool, and looked about what I’d imagined a cajun restaurant would look like. The menu was “authentic” according to my parents. Lots of fish and crawfish dishes. I got some catfish and some Jambalaya. Both were good. For dessert, everyone ordered some “Whiskey Bread Pudding”, which everyone seemed overly excited for. Franny, in particular, went crazy for the stuff. I’m not sure exactly why she liked it, but I’m pretty sure they following words were used “good sauce”, “fluffy”, “melts in your mouth”, “the best thing I’ve ever had (x5)”, and “you have to have the bread pudding”.

While the meal was great, the most unfortunate part was that Tyler and I decided to pick up the tab for the meals of us and my parents. Great idea! We chose do buy dinner at the only place in the world where people actually buy dessert! A combined $110 later, and I think we both wished we could have just bought McDonalds.

After the meal, we went to the Bayou (which was right outside of the eating area) and threw bread into the water. Amazingly, 5 seconds after throwing the bread into the water, about 20 catfish jumped to the surface. We kept throwing bread into the water, and more Catfish came! It was very cool to watch. Luckily, I think I got some decent photos, and they should be added to the site before too long.

After we got back, tyler wanted to get a beer at our new favorite hangout – the Conch Republic. We went there and got two Yuengling’s, the best inexspensive beer deal in town. we also decided to order some Mussels. This was the first time eating Mussels for both of us, and we both were impressed. I would order them again! The rest of the night was spent oogling over some intense mens figure skating action and then an early departure into the realm of sleep.

Tyler wants to go to an area South of Ft. Myer’s beach tomorrow. His mom has a place we can stay for free, all we would need is to pay for our transportation. However, cars are quite expensive when you’re not 25, and it’s about 3-4 hours away. I’m leaning towards a no-go, but I don’t want to be a hater either. So, hopefully we can find something equally fun around here as a compramise. I just don’t want to spend 8 hours in a car while it’s so sunny outside! Plus, renting a car is expensive, and I wanted this vacation to be as cheap as possible. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. The Cajun place sounds cool! What a nice big group. How cool that you did this daily journal down there 🙂