Florida Diary – Day 9

Greetings. I’m trying something new on you today, and I’m writing today’s diary entry in real time, rather than in retrospect. My reasoning for doing so is that apparently people are actually reading this, and I feel I am obligated to provide an update. So, here it is, bitches.

I woke up on my own power today for the first time in a while. I guess that means I’m finally adjusting to Frambo time (that’s the time of my parents, Franny and Jimbo). I didn’t have any trace of back pains or any other old man ailments. That made me feel good. I waited for Tyler to get up, and we decided to go for another run. This one wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s, but I did run into a hitch. On the way back after hitting the pier, Tyler started pointing out to the Gulf and yelling. So, I looked over to see what he was talking about and BAM, I stepped into some sort of hole in the beach. Sprained ankle city (well, let’s call it a “turned” ankle).

It turns out Tyler was pointing to a Dolphin swimming very close to shore. I was able to see the dolphin shortly thereafter, and it was pretty cool. Then I got to see it about 50 more times as I hobbled back to the condo. Dolphins are sweet!

We got back and I elevated/iced my ankle and then we decided to get some lunch. We went to a place right across from the condo called Cecilia’s Touch of Italy. When describing the place, the term hole in the wall comes to mind. It was a quaint little joint that had a menu with those old school letters on a sign board. Basically, the only food option was sandwiches. Ty got a Veggie sandwich and I got a Cuban sandwich. The ladies asked Tyler about 500 questions about his sandwich (peppers? provelone? oil? salt? pesto?), and it turns out he chose poorly, because he didn’t seem to enjoy his sandwich. My Cuban sandwich was decent, but nothing spectacular. More than anything, I just really wanted to say I had a Cuban on my trip!

Later, we decided to go to go to Clearwater Beach, which is a very cool place to hang out. We started out at Shepherd’s for a drink and some live music. It is a cool place, and had quite a few people there.

Next, we decided to go check out the beach. Clearwater Beach is HUGE! It must span miles of shoreline, and the sand is an awesome white sand. There were so many hot chicks at this beach that it has blown away everything else we’ve seen on the trip thus far. We even started an impromptu frisbee game on the beach just so that we could throw out a vibe to all the beautiful ladies. Needless to say, we plan to go back tomorrow.

The last area we visited in Clearwater was the marina. This is where they have several charter boats where you take some very interesting cruises. They range from fishing expeditions to more touristy operations like sightseeing, dolphin seeing, and riding in a big pirate ship! There’s also parasailing available, but it’s $50 per person. That’s a little high.

When we got back from Clearwater, Ty was pretty tired, and that’s why I have the opportunity to write this diary. Once he gets up, we’re going to try going to Downtown St. Petersburg. The plan for now is to get dinner at Dan Marino’s, and then see what else is going on. I’ll let you know how it turns out in my next entry!

Notes on the day:

  • Tyler backed up my airport observations, and added an observation of his own: “ever hot chick at the airport had a wedding ring… we’re getting really old if we need to look for rings now” – right on!
  • Skaff sent me this stupid fucking game via email where you try not to get a red square to touch 4 blue squares. Sounds stupid to you? It is. Fuck you Skaff.
  • The Italian joint had some awesome VHS movies for sale and for rent. I had NO idea that people still rented VHS tapes, but apparently they do! This store was rocking some pretty sweet movies too!
  • We decided not to go to Tyler’s mom’s condo. I felt bad that we didn’t get to go, but I also felt it was a pretty big trek for only two days.
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  1. YOU KNOW you liked that game, beotch. One more week.

  2. Arrrrrrrr!

  3. Sucks that you hurt your ankle, but cool that you go tto see the dolphins!