Florida Diary – Days 11-14

Sunday through Wednesday weren’t very eventful, they were just wonderfully sunny days where I had a great opportunity to enjoy the weather and be outside. Highlights include:

  • Playing Frisbee with Tyler at least 3 hours each day. This tore up my hands, my feet, and made my arms and legs very sore.
  • Going to the hot tub at least twice a day. We got into a nice schedule of hot tubbing it every morning and evening.
  • Two more visits to the Conch Republic. This brought our grand total of visits to 5 out of Tyler’s 7 days in Florida! I’m pretty sure that we freaked out all of the waitresses, hostesses, and miscelaneous bar staff at the joint.
  • I visited the Conch Republic a total of 6 times in 14 days (12 full days). My award for best meal goes to the Grouper Reuben. The award for best drink goes to the 23 Oz. Yuengling for $2.50.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, we went to play Frisbee. While we were playing, the water near the shore along the gulf of Mexico happened to separate into to parts, with land in between. We decided to go out to this part of the gulf and toss the Frisbee. We only had a small piece of land to work with (probably 2-3 feet wide), but we managed to play pretty well. It was awesome!
  • We went out on Monday night to the Green Iguana (site of our day 10 exploits) and the place was ABSOLUTELY DEAD! The bartender told us to go to a place called Gators. We went there and that sucked too! Needless to say, we ended up at the Conch once again that night!
  • My flight back to Minneapolis left at 11:05 AM. I thought it was 12:05 for some stupid reason. Since Tyler was leaving on the same day as me, we got dropped off at the airport at the same time. The only problem is, his flight wasn’t until about 3 that afternoon. Plus, his flight got delayed! As a result, he didn’t get into the airport until 7 hours after me. I guess it pays to book in advance!
  • We wanted to go fishing on the pier near our place, but we never had the opportunity.

I must say, I am definitely going to miss it here. I never knew that I could leave Minnesota for two weeks and not miss it all. Well, that’s what happened on this trip. Hopefully I will be able to take more trips of this nature. They may even be for a longer duration.

On to LA tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time! I wish I could’ve come…hopefully next year!