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Florida Diary – Day 2

I woke up today and my back hurt pretty bad. Not sure if it was the airplane ride, or if it’s the fact that I’m an OLD MAN! They say that “40 is the new 30”, but I’m not sure that’s how I feel. In my case, it’s more like “24 is the new 84” (which is not to be confused by “24 is the greatest show ever”, which is the consensus of the American television viewing public).

I wake up to my mom pouring me a cup of coffee and making me an Omelet and I forget entirely about my old man aches and pains. There aren’t many things in the world I enjoy more than Franny’s cooking, and I find great comfort in knowing that I will be enjoying such extravagant meals over the next two weeks.

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Florida Diary – Day 1

Hello loyal reader (I hesitate to pluralize that word to the point to the conceited level of assuming that I have more than one reader), this is your best friend Jeff checking in from the exotic location of Redington Shores Florida. Redington Shores is on El Golfo de Mexico (that’s the Gulf of Mexico in English. I learned that in my “fun with cognates” class in College.), and is in the general area of Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay area is pretty interesting. While it’s quite unassuming, there are actually about 3 million people in the area from all walks of life. The one thing tying these people together is that THEY ARE ALL OLD. Seriously, I am the only person here under the ripe old age of 40 (well, that’s not entirely true. I updated my MySpace profile to say I hail from the Gulf Coast in Florida, did a search for hot chicks in the area, messaged them, and already struck out electronically).

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