Archives for May 2006

Funny Videos

One of my favorite things to do on the Internet is watch funny videos. It’s something that you can do alone or in a group, and is always entertaining. With the popularity of sites like YouTube, Google Video and MySpace Video, it is now very easy for people to post videos online.

Over the past 6 months, I have seen more funny videos online than I probably saw the previous 24 years in my life, and friends send me links to videos on a weekly basis. I love the convenience of receiving these videos, and I love watching them with friends and laughing my ass off.

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True Prince Stories

Hey folks, it’s been a while. That’s because I’ve been working hard lately, trying to launch several projects. One of those projects is a website called True Prince Stories.
I got the idea for the site after hearing several stories about Prince from my friend Harlan. He told me that there were still a huge number of people who still worship the little purple man from Minneapolis, and that he had just started posting about him as well on several message boards.

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