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One of my favorite things to do on the Internet is watch funny videos. It’s something that you can do alone or in a group, and is always entertaining. With the popularity of sites like YouTube, Google Video and MySpace Video, it is now very easy for people to post videos online.

Over the past 6 months, I have seen more funny videos online than I probably saw the previous 24 years in my life, and friends send me links to videos on a weekly basis. I love the convenience of receiving these videos, and I love watching them with friends and laughing my ass off.

The only thing I don’t really like about these videos is that I can’t really find them in a single location. Sure, the big video sources (Youtube, Google, etc.) have search features on their sites, but what exactly am I searching for? I often see hilarious videos once and then can’t find them again! Other times, I search on these sites and see many videos that are of subpar quality, and generally aren’t very funny.

My frustration lead me to consider creating a funny video blog of my own, and allow me to post hand-picked links to videos that I find hilarious. So, last week I registered two domain names: Funny Video Source and Funny Video Search. I plan on using one (or both) of these sites to post links to hilarious videos online, and I already have a few ideas for videos to post.

You may be wondering how can I post videos on my site without getting into trouble. Well, here’s how it will work. YouTube (and other sites) store videos on their web servers. They allow (and encourage) people to embed their videos on their own website. So, I can embed videos on the site without using bandwidth on my server! This allows me to post a potentially limitless number of videos on the site, without having incremental bandwidth problems (as the site becomes more popular). This will allow me to post hilarious videos often, and hopefully give people entertainment on a daily (or several times daily) basis.

The major drawback that I can see from this site would be the content I am providing will be completely contingent on sites like YouTube and Google Video. What happens if these sites start charging for videos? What if they don’t allow me to embed videos on the site? I don’t think it’s highly likely that either of these things will happen (actually, I think more variability is on the horizon for web video), but they are definitely legitimate concerns!

Concerns aside, I’m really excited to give this site a try. If nothing else, it would be a great experiment, and also a way for my friends to see many of the handpicked videos that I find funny. Here is a tentative list of videos that I will be adding to the site right away:

  • Lazy Sunday
  • Bubb Rubb (Whistle Tips)
  • Lady Punch
  • Grape Lady
  • Ghostride the Whip
  • Live Action Punch-Out
  • PI Video
  • Boom Goes the Dynamite

So, now comes the time in this post where I ask you, the reader, what you think about this idea? Which domain do you like better? Would you visit the site daily if I updated often? Are there any obvious videos that I omitted from my list? Do you know of any sites that already do this exact same thing? Let me know what you think.

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  1. If you post any videos of me I will vandalize your house.

  2. I think the two of Ty from the Lodge night the other week would be perfect. 1. The after bar pick up attempt. 2. The post bar meeting with the kitchen sink.

  3. If Skaff gets his way I think we should post the video of him boning Erin tomorrow morning.

  4. Fabulous idea! I like videos too, but just don’t have much time to watch and Youtuba and Myspace are blocked from my work 🙁
    I tried the links to both of the sites and neither one was up and running yet……

  5. Are you planning to do anything with this idea?? I guess you’re too busy for all these ideas!

  6. I think it’s a great idea! But, I could be slightly biased. I think your brilliant and always have great ideas! I like “Funny Video Search” better then Source and think using the word “Search” you would get more hits. Then again, what do I know 🙂 he he he…