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Rocky Mountain Hangover of Epic Proportions – April 19-22, 2007

So, I was in Denver last weekend visiting my friend Bill. He moved out to Denver from Minneapolis last October because he wanted to go snowboarding all the time. Like me, he works as a web developer, so he is able to work from pretty much any place with an Internet connection. I thought about visiting him earlier in the winter, but I have a general rule of travel: don’t intentionally pay money to visit a place that is cold. Only warm vacations in the winter; that’s just how I roll. That made April about the earliest that I could visit him, so I took advantage and booked travel arrangements for a long weekend (Thursday – Sunday) in the mile high city.

I have been traveling a lot recently (Here’s my travel log from November through April: Phoenix, Los Angeles, Florida, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Denver), and as a frequent traveler, I am starting to learn how to maximize my efficiency while traveling. One major thing that I have learned is that if I take a 11 AM weekday flight, I lose an entire day of productivity (need to leave for the airport by around 9 AM and don’t arrive at destination until about 4 PM). I have been so busy with work recently that I can’t really afford to lose an entire day to travel, so I have been forced to get creative with my flight booking. Some times this works out well. For my Denver trip, it didn’t.

I ended up booking a flight for 7 AM on Thursday in order to maximize my productivity. This meant waking up around 4 AM, and being at the airport by 5:30 (mad props to Brandon for letting me park at his house and driving me to the Lindbergh terminal). Given my normal bed time, that gave me about 3 hours of sleep (not the best sleep, either, I had a sore throat and felt like I might have a cold coming on). Not a big deal, since I can always sleep on the plane. In fact, the lack of sleep proved to be the least of my problems.

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