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They Took Our Jobs

I am a huge South Park fan, so when I saw this on Youtube, I was pretty happy![youtube][/youtube]

This was pretty much all that I said for an entire year circa 2004.

Digital Photography

I decided that my next hobby/passion/obsession is going to be digital photography.

Not just digital photography, but really good quality photographs. Most of you will find this as a complete surprise, but it is actually something that I have thought about for a long time. Here’s the exact thought process that helped me arrive at my new “passion” of really good digital photographs:


I worked at the Greatest University in the World at the Web and Media services department, which allowed me to have visibility into both web production as well as the photographers from St. Thomas. One of the people I worked with (although never directly) was a guy named Roger Rich. He is a legend at St. Thomas, and is pretty much a photography God. In fact, he is the person who immortalized Bill and myself on the St. Thomas email login page (click the link so you can check out my ridiculous blond hair dye – which was self inflicted). I saw his technique and skill, and I was always intrigued with what he was doing. However, I never really took the time to learn the craft.

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Dancing Niece

So I went to a wedding last weekend for my sister in law Michelle’s sister Erin. It was a lot of fun! Easily the most entertaining part was Annika dancing up a storm on the dance floor. Here is a video of Annika dancing. Enjoy!


Here’s a few pics that I sniped from my sister, Kristi, as well:

Jeff and Jimbo Sauer

Me and my Pops, Jimbo Sauer

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I’m Buying A New Car!

I decided to buy a new car.

Check it out. A 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe.


Pretty. Freaking. Sweet.

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I’m Going to Europe!

From October 3rd through October 15, I will be traveling in Europe. After working my arse off over the past 6 months, I decided that it was time to get the f*** out of Dodge. I will be traveling with my long time buddy, roommate and all around good guy Tyler. Here is the plan. If you have any input to give me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Leave October 3rd for Brussels, Belgium. Tyler’s girlfriend is student teaching in Brussels, so we can stay with her if necessary. We will be arriving in Brussels on the 4th.

The plan is to stay 1 night in Brussels (a Thursday) and then take a train to Munich on Friday night to experience Oktoberfest. This is something that I REALLY excited to do, and it will surely be the highlight of the trip. Most of my heritage is German (5/8 German… 1/8 Irish, 1/8 Belgian, 1/8 French Canadian) and I have been DYING to go to Oktoberfest for the past 4 years. The problem is, it’s really expensive to stay there overnight! It’s like $400 a night for a small hotel room, and another $100-200 just to get there!

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Getting Dumped

Here are some general emotions that everyone goes through in their mind when they first learn of their breakup.

  • “No big deal – she’s probably not serious and I bet we’ll be back together…. we looked hot together!”flava_brigitte.jpg
  • “WTF??? I didn’t even get to have break up sex?”break_up_wideweb__470x306_0.jpg
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