Dancing Niece

So I went to a wedding last weekend for my sister in law Michelle’s sister Erin. It was a lot of fun! Easily the most entertaining part was Annika dancing up a storm on the dance floor. Here is a video of Annika dancing. Enjoy!


Here’s a few pics that I sniped from my sister, Kristi, as well:

Jeff and Jimbo Sauer

Me and my Pops, Jimbo Sauer


Brother Brian, the Bride, Erin, and Jethro Sauer


Me and sleepy Baby B!


Brother Geech , Sister Kristi Kris, Sister in Law Shelly, Handsome Jeff and Sleepy Bianca

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  1. I need to resend you the high-res pics of these pics, these are too grainy!

  2. weird, now they look fine!?

  3. Yeah, I did a shrink on them in photoshop, and it made things look a lot better.