Getting Dumped

Here are some general emotions that everyone goes through in their mind when they first learn of their breakup.

  • “No big deal – she’s probably not serious and I bet we’ll be back together…. we looked hot together!”flava_brigitte.jpg
  • “WTF??? I didn’t even get to have break up sex?”break_up_wideweb__470x306_0.jpg
  • “She hasn’t answered my last 10 calls, but if I call her one more time, I think that I’ll finally get through to her. She must have been taking a hot shower for the past 3 hours!”DaveBarryDoNotCall.jpg
  • “Where the single ladies at?”casta11.jpg
  • “Time to get Drunk!”44d4b6e5b01ff184492153c4ffe.jpg
  • “I’ll show her… I am going to start a hardcore work out program, drop 10 pounds, get six pack abs and never be happier.”six_pack_abs.jpg
  • “I want her back… I wonder if she has found someone else yet. I wonder if he’s buffer than me… could I beat him up?”Vin_Diesel.jpg
  • “Did she really just give me the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ speech? I invented that speech!!!”74912.jpg
  • “I know who will help me through this; N ‘sync! I’m busting out my No Strings Attached CD, and I’m doing it now”NSYNCNoStringsAttached.jpg
  • “Wow – did that just happen? What is wrong with her? I even bought her flowers. ‘Best boyfriend’ my ass!”4009_large.jpg
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  1. Thank you.

  2. I didn’t think you should censor this post, but it obviously made Sarah feel better?