I’m Going to Europe!

From October 3rd through October 15, I will be traveling in Europe. After working my arse off over the past 6 months, I decided that it was time to get the f*** out of Dodge. I will be traveling with my long time buddy, roommate and all around good guy Tyler. Here is the plan. If you have any input to give me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Leave October 3rd for Brussels, Belgium. Tyler’s girlfriend is student teaching in Brussels, so we can stay with her if necessary. We will be arriving in Brussels on the 4th.

The plan is to stay 1 night in Brussels (a Thursday) and then take a train to Munich on Friday night to experience Oktoberfest. This is something that I REALLY excited to do, and it will surely be the highlight of the trip. Most of my heritage is German (5/8 German… 1/8 Irish, 1/8 Belgian, 1/8 French Canadian) and I have been DYING to go to Oktoberfest for the past 4 years. The problem is, it’s really expensive to stay there overnight! It’s like $400 a night for a small hotel room, and another $100-200 just to get there!

So, our plan is to take the red eye train from Brussels to Frankfurt to Munich, and arrive in Munich on Saturday AM. Then spend all day Saturday in a beer tent, drinking gigantic beers, socializing, and paying homage to my Bavarian roots. Then we’ll hop on a train Saturday night, and leave Munich to head back to Belgium.

Sunday will be a rest day/Brussels sightseeing extrazaganza, and then we hit the road again on Monday. The plan is to hop a train to Amsterdam and enjoy the most notorious city in the EU. We plan to stay there for 2 nights, so we should have plenty of time to explore the city. I have been to Amsterdam twice in the past, but those visits were limited to the confines of Schiphol airport. This trip should be a little more fun! I actually may try to make contact with a coffee company that I work with in the states, Smit and Dorlas coffee. Other than that, I’m not sure what we’re going to do there. Suggestions?

From Amsterdam, we plan to go to Paris, either directly, or with a stop back in Brussels in between. Have no idea what we are going to do there, so I REALLY need suggestions from you, loyal reader.

Go back to Brussels on Friday and then take off for a weekend in Barcelona. Already booked the flight and hostel there. Still need to plan what we’re doing there as well.

Get back on Sunday night, and then leave for the states on Monday at noon. Should be a fun trip!

If you have been to Europe before, please leave me some comments/suggestions for where I should go!

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  1. I am totally jealous of the Barcelona trip!! And Oktoberfest would be pretty awesome (I don’t know about a drunk train ride home though, I would be sick as hell!)

  2. Geech – I have a few suggestions for you regarding Europe
    1) Bring extra deodorant and razors for the euro girls
    2) Try the brownies in Amsterdam, they are extra tasty
    3) Watch out for weirdos on the EuroRail
    4) Watch out for Dr. Evil in Bruges
    5) Don’t go to the Louvre on a Tuesday

    No, in all seriousness, I can give you some good places to check out in Paris – haven’t been to Brussels (other than a train station), but have been to Frankfurt and Bruges.


  3. 😯 i cannot believe u wrote all this….what a nerd alert! you are coming to see me soon tah tah


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