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Chipotle Roseville Opens Today!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who tipped me off to a new Chipotle store opening in Roseville, Minnesota. It appears as if my previous efforts may have influenced the opening of a Chipotle store right in my back yard. Today, October 26, 2007 marks the culmination of my being. To this point, I merely floated through life. Now that my purpose of bringing Potle to Roseville has been fulfilled, I feel that I can now say I have lead a meaningful life.

As for the opening ceremonies, I was hoping that I could be there at 11 AM for the store opening, but I also want to be there at 3 PM for the free shirt giveaway. Right now I’m leaning toward eating there twice.

Thanks to everyone who tipped me off to the store opening in Roseville. I actually learned about the store the first time when my friend Skaff called me about it way back in July. Since then, I have received random calls, emails and MySpace messages from people once or twice a week! There’s too many of you to mention on here, but thank you Kristi S, Erik K, Rachel S and Greg at Chipotlog.

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