Does Anybody Even Eat The Cranberries?

I started writing this on Thanksgiving, but forgot to finish until now

While I feel that I am an excellent long term planner (far beyond my years, actually), I am not very bright when it comes to planning for the short term. Generally I’m resourceful enough to overcome this lack of planning ability, but sometimes things are beyond my control. Case in point, Thanksgiving.

This year I was going to family Thanksgiving in St. Cloud like my family does every other year. I’m at the point now where I’m old enough that I am required to bring a side dish of some sort to family functions, and this time my mission was cranberry sauce. Naturally, I forgot that I was supposed to bring something, and didn’t buy Cranberry sauce during the week as I should have.

I went on a mission on Thursday morning to get some cranberries and ran into a small problem; Roseville was an absolute ghost town! EVERYTHING was closed, and there were no cars on the road. I learned a hard lesson that grocery stores aren’t open on holidays, and I was left scrambling for some cranberries. (Side note, this exact same thing happened to me on Easter this year with the olives, and whatever I was in charge of bringing on Christmas Eve. This is evidence that I am in serious need of a girlfriend).

I called my mom to ask her if she had any Cranberries at the house, and she said no. I asked her if she knew of any stores that were open on Thanksgiving, and she said no once again. I asked if anyone even ate the Cranberries, and she said she didn’t know. Not much help, so I kept on trucking.

I drove down the road and came across a Super America station that was open, and absolutely packed. I walked in and started looking at the shelf in a long-shot attempt to try to find cranberry sauce; no luck. Amazingly, they actually had a table set up in the front of the store with items that people must commonly forget on Thanksgiving (stuffing, baking supplies, pie filling, etc.), but NO CRANBERRIES!

I drove around some more and found another Super America. They were less busy, so I went in and asked a clerk if they had cranberries, or if they could point me to a place that was open. They didn’t have cranberries, but they did say that Walgreens was open and had a decent food selection.

Walgreens CranberriesWalgreens turned out to be my savior. I walked in, checked out a few aisles, and there it was; a sweet, tangy, awesome flavor-locked can of wonderful Ocean Spray cranberries. I triumphantly grabbed the can and held it up in victory. Then I walked to the front of the store to check out, passed a clerk on my way, and said to her “Walgreens saved my life!” She looked at me as if I was having a tourette’s outburst.

I ignored the jeers from the Walgreen’s staff and smiled knowing that I wouldn’t have to disappoint the family with a lack of cranberries. While checking out the lady at the register rang up the cranberries and announced my total of $1.49. She called me a “Big Spender” and then asked me if I would like to save 10% by opening up a Walgreen’s Credit Card account. Was she serious? Still smiling, I let her down lightly; “just the cranberries for me, thanks”.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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  1. Michelle S says

    Why doesn’t this surprise me? Seriously though, those jellied cranberries are nasty! I was assigned to bring them last year, and to my surprise, people ate them. Gross…

  2. It’s tradition, Shelly… nobody actually likes them, but it’s something you have to eat.. So that you can talk about how bad they were later in the day!

  3. Umm, I have NEVER eaten the cranberries. Yuck!