My Favorite Web Sites: Part 1

As part of my livelihood, as well as lifestyle, I am required to be on the Internet pretty much all the time. As a result, I come across awesome web sites pretty much every single day. I am always emailing and IM’ing the funny sites that I find to my friends, and I figured I should also post some of them on here too. Check these out!

Site Hot Chicks with Douche Bags

Synopsis – This site is amazing. The author (DB1), posts pictures of beautiful women accompanied by guys who are total Douche Bags. He posts several times a day, and it is always hilarious. There is at least one post a day that makes me literally laugh out loud. I wish I would have come up with this idea years ago when I defined the term “Douche Nozzle” on the Urban Dictionary (I am sowcow50).

Signature PostThe Gator. This guy is the epitome of douchedom; the fake tan, the blank stare, the overly tight shirt. You name it, he can ‘bag it.

Site Some E Cards

Synopsis – Thousands of hilariously inappropriate eCards that you can easily email to your friends. Nothing says awkward more than sending one of these cards!

Signature Post – Pretty much everything on here is golden. You could browse for 30 minutes and laugh 100 times. For example, this one is hilarious: I’m a cheap date due to emotional issues surrounding food. Who thinks of this stuff? A Genius, that’s who.

Site Deadspin

Synopsis – A sports site that covers every topic with a refreshing sense of objectivity. They are also a lot more raw than mainstream sports sites, so you get to hear true opinions about anything and everything. If you like sports, this should be your #1 visited site each day, not the corporate sports sites that are too afraid to say their real opinions.

Signature PostYou’re with me, leather. The story of ESPN’s Chris Berman swooping in and winning the company of an attractive young lady wearing Leather pants and jacket. For some reason, this story became so notorious that another blog was created with the name “with leather”. Now that’s an homage.

Site The Superficial (Because You’re Ugly)

Synopsis – Celebrity gossip at its finest. I actually read about 5 gossip sites each day, and this is probably the most well known. Much like Hot Chicks with Douche Bags, the guy who writes this site is extremely witty and I have no idea how he comes up with fresh comments on such a consistent basis.

Signature Post – These sites post so often that the lines are often blurred between this and the other gossip sites, but one recent event that brought out a lot of reactions was Jennifer Love Hewitt’s bikini nastiness. I have always have disliked Love Hewitt (talentless and annoying), so to see her bikini shots while not looking very “fit” were pretty enjoyable. Kind of like the satisfaction you get when you see the hot girl from High School who turned you down, only she looks 20 years older and 40 pounds heavier. I obviously have “Nerd In High School” issues…

Site Aaron Gleeman

Synopsis – This guy is a Twins NERD, and I love him for it. He blogs about the Minnesota Twins on a daily basis and provides his opinions on how the team is faring during the season, as well as the offseason. The catch is, he only uses statistics to form his opinions. He literally backs up everything he writes with statistical facts. Being a numbers geek myself, I really value his input because I realize that statistics really influence baseball. He is a “SABR Metrician”, which I don’t really understand, but it has to do with stats. It has gotten to the point where most of my opinions about the Twins are based on Gleeman’s columns.

Signature Post – The only time I have ever disagreed with Gleeman is his breakdown of the Matt Garza trade from November of this year. He says it was not a good trade for the Twins because Garza could be a superstar. I think it’s good for the Twins because it gives us an awesome talent in the outfield (which we desperately need), and we sacrifice a young pitcher who has a 50/50 chance of being a successful pitcher in the majors. Young pitchers are a dime a dozen, and only a few of them turn into Johan Santana… who we are trading because we can’t afford him!

Site ShoemoneySynopsis – This guy is an Internet Marketer who has made millions online. For me, he is a source of inspiration as well as technique. I read a lot about Internet Marketing, and a lot of the guys who publish posts seem like they are snake oil salesmen. Shoemoney is the real deal, and he’s a very successful person. Plus, his blog also gives a window into his own life, and it’s a great source of inspiration. For example, in one post he tells of how he used to weigh nearly 400 pounds and was unmotivated with life. He got a surgery to shrink his stomach (not gastric bypass, but similar), and talks openly about how it gave him a new lease on life. I can relate because I have also lost a lot of weight (50 pounds), and I feel as if it has made my quality of life significantly better.

Signature Post – Everyone starts reading Shoemoney based on this photo. It involves Shoemoney posing with a check that he received from Google for $132,994.97. This was for ONE MONTHS WORK. That’s instant credibility. Personally, I was absolutely amazed when I got a $1700 payment from Google last month. Multiply that by a factor of 100 and I’m moving a tropical island nation.

Site Strange Maps

Synopsis – A few times a week, this site posts strange maps. You’ll really have to read them to see what I mean, but there are some really cool maps on this site. Check it out!

Signature Post – A great example of how this site is intriguing is the Blonde Map of Europe. It tracks how “Blonde” Europe is by percentage of people who are Blonde. The results aren’t necessarily surprising, but it’s very cool nonetheless. Another good one is the French Kissing Map. It breaks down how many cheek kisses are customary in the various regions of France. Having just been to Paris, I wish I had known this ahead of time!

That’s all I have time for tonight. Check back soon for some more cool sites!

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  3. I was sent to your site by way of Kristi. These sites are hilarious, especially the douchebag one. Thanks for sharing them.