My Top 10 Favorite Posts

In honor of the new post rating system that I implemented this weekend, I thought I would compile a list of my 10 favorite posts in the history of this site.

10. I believe
Me in a nutshell. In this post I outline my beliefs, which are inane, petty and often far-fetched. If you ever wanted to know what I stand for, read this one!

9. Romeo Must Die… So Must Whitey
I thought I was going to see a movie, but I ended up being scared for my life. Find out why.

8. Our First Date
Just some random crap that I wrote one day about a fictitious first date that I had. It ended up being a pretty solid post, and got some good reactions from friends.

7. Valley Oaks Neighborhood Memories
A made up story about how much I lamented the Semi-Retarded kid down the street growing up.

6. Poor Timing
A classic tale of me putting my foot in my mouth. I was venting to Brandon about somthing that happened while working, and I ended up venting to his boss instead. He was not happy with my rant!

5. Wedding Speech
Best man’s speech that I gave at my brother’s wedding. It’s a classic in our family, and is the reason why I should be given a speaking role at all future weddings.

4. Scotland – Day 8
This post had it all. In chronicling my experience in Scotland, this day truly stood out as the most fun/wild/scary day of the trip. It started with a trip to watch the Hearts (Scottish soccer club) play at Tynecastle Stadium. It also included me posing with a bagpiper, lots of walking, and a night at a discotheque filled with lots of drinking, House music and other things that I can’t mention in this space. The night ended with me getting lost in the streets of Edinburgh and trying my hardest to find a way home.

3. Childhood Flashback – Commercials
Venting about how the commercials I saw when I was a kid were all full of shit.

2. My Golf Story
I quit golf at the peak of my game while in college.

1. An Open Letter to Chipotle
My opus that I wrote to Chipotle trying to get them to start an incentive program (much like the Subway Stamp club). If nothing else, read it for the first few paragraphs when I display my Chipotle credentials.

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