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Funny Video Search

Funny Video Search

I have done a horrible job of promoting my own projects recently, so most of you have no idea that I have been posting videos on Funny Video Search since September of this year.  It really has been an easy gig finding videos (tons of friends and web sites post great videos), and I’m able to update 1-2 times per week… which is far more frequently than the once every 3-4 months that I have recently been posting on this blog.

One of my 2009 goals is to publish more content on Jeff Sauer dot Com, as well as get Funny Video Search to reach thousands of visitors per day (right now I get less than 20… almost all through search engines).  Hopefully if I have my friends help spread the word, this can be a reality.

That sets me up for my 2010 goal, which is to crack the top 10 on Google for the search term Funny Videos.  I think it’s possible, and I even bet my friend Amber $1,000 that I could do it.  It will take a lot of effort and help from friends, but I think I have a few things going for me (the domain name is killer), and I am a world class Search Engine Optimization guru.

If you read this blog and you have a blog, please tell people about Funny Video Search using the phrase Funny Videos to highlight your link.   This helps me rank better for that term.

Here is a complete time-line of how long it has taken me to get this site going:

  • May 24, 2006 – I got the idea to register the domain name after being sent 2-3 YouTube videos each day.  YouTube’s search functionality was so poor that I could never find anything.  Using the site to find videos was a horrible user experience because there were just too many videos (like millions of videos every second without any quality control measures).  I got the idea to make a better site by hand-picking videos and registered the domain names and
  • May 30, 2006 – Wrote this blog post about the site and made it sound like I would post videos all the time.  That obviously took 2 years to actually happen.
  • July, 2007 – After going nearly a year without actually doing anything with the site, I got an offer to sell the domain name for $400.  I could have taken the easy cash, but I figured if a domain name without a site is worth $400, how much would it be worth WITH a site?  I turned down the offer and decided to come up with a site idea.
  • July 25, 2007 – I blackmailed my friend Bill, who is a Freelance Web Designer in Denver into creating a site template for me to get started on the site.  It turns out that creating a template is very difficult without content in the site… so we got a rough outline done and then we were at a standstill.
  • September, 2008 – I realized that the biggest thing holding me up was the design (which needed content to work), so I bit the bullet and decided to start posting things.  At a friends wedding, I got drunk and sold my friend Todd on the idea as a contributor, and he thought it was a brilliant idea.
  • September 22, 2008 – I post my first ever video, which is a video by Tracy Morgan called You Can’t Be Black.  The site used the default WordPress theme and looked pretty ghetto.  However, I finally got over the posting a video hump, and I haven’t looked back since!
  • December, 2008 – I found a cool theme for WordPress that allowed me to make the site look better without putting in a ton of work (it’s the exact same theme on right now).  I can now build out a layout for the site incrementally as I make adjustments to the site.
  • Some time in 2010 – I rank in the top 10 for “Funny Videos” thanks to your help!
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