Fourth of July Fireworks over Washington DC

Prior to 2010 I had never been in our nation’s capitol before. It wasn’t for a lack of desire to go see DC, but rather I never had a solid opportunity to go.  That all changed when my girlfriend Amanda moved to Washington DC in January for a 2 year work rotation.  Now I have been to DC twice and it’s fast becoming one of my favorite cities.

There are so many things to see and do that every step on the town feels like walking through history.   In another blog post I’ll try to elaborate more on my experience and share more pictures, but for this particular post I am concentrating on some photographs I took during my most recent trip over the 4th of July.

On the night of the Fourth Amanda and I decided to sneak onto the roof at her work to watch the fireworks.  Her building is about 12 stories high and has an ideal view of the fireworks that are set off over the national mall a few blocks away.  It is a highly coveted spot and each year her workplace auctions off tickets to watch from the rooftop.  We lost the auction, but decided that we were going to attend anyway.  The worst thing that could happen was getting asked to leave.  Fortunately, nobody was there to check tickets, so we walked right up and took our seats.

A few minutes later the fireworks started.  I decided that I wanted to take as many photos as possible and “learn” how to shoot fireworks with my camera.  I have a solid camera with many settings, one of which is a fireworks mode.  I started snapping photos in this mode and noticed that the fireworks didn’t look very good.  So I changed the exposure time and voila! Excellent pictures.

I think they turned out well… hope you do too!



















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