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Achieving a Goal: Traveling to 6 Continents before 30

Jeff's Life to Date Travel Map

At some point in 2005 I wrote down a list of goals for myself.  Some were short term goals, and others were longer term.  Some were realistic, while others are a stretch.   One of the items I wrote down was to travel to all 6 continents (excluding Antarctica, which I still plan to travel to some day). As time went on, I started to champion this goal to my friends and family that I will travel to all 6 continents before turning 30 years old.  Not sure what the significance was for this 30 years old caveat at the time, but once I committed to it there was no turning back.

Even as recently as 2010 this goal looked to be unachievable.  I still needed to visit South America and Australia, and there didn’t seem to be enough time to do both with the clock ticking down on my 30th year of existence.

There is no way I would let that happen.  I would hit all 6 continents even if it meant quitting my job and joining the Peace Corps.

This March I made it to Australia and touched foot on my 6th continent.  After 6 years of reciting my continental goal to anyone to listen, it took me about 36 hours after setting foot on the soil of Sydney to even remember that I had achieved my goal.

I don’t find that all too hard to believe.  After years of planning all of the scenarios and destinations, reaching the end didn’t spark much more than checkmark on a list of achievements.  By the time I booked my flight I had already moved on to the next mission.

In fact, my Australia trip also planted the seeds for another item to be crossed off my list.  I proposed to my girlfriend Amanda shortly after arriving in Sydney, and we are now in the process of planning the wedding.  I am so excited to share the rest of our lives together.

Here is a small reflection of each of the continents.

North America in 1985

North America in 1985

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