Boston and Newport, RI – New England Summer 2011

I had been meaning to visit my friend Amber since she moved to New England several years ago.  Things finally worked out with a trip to Boston for the weekend.  The goal was to spend some time in both the city of Boston and greater New England.

Travel woes aside, it was a great time.   What were the travel woes?

  • On Thursday I took a train from the Newark airport to Boston.  All was well until some thunderstorms and lightning started hitting the train and a train fell on the tracks knocking out power.  I got stuck on the train for 3 hours with no power and no timeline for recover.  Here’s what I tweeted at the time:
  • Even worse, on my return Sunday I had a 11:30 AM flight that didn’t depart Boston until 10 PM.  I didn’t get home until after Midnight!  I am still so annoyed with this that I don’t even want to talk about it.

Highlights of the trip include walking to Google Cambridge for a meeting then drinks at the Meadhall, a cool gastro pub with over 100 beers on tap.  It was cool how they had the proper glasses for each beer and would only pour beers in glasses with the brewery name on it.

I got a lot of good photos of the Charles river on a sunny afternoon.  The light was just right to take some excellent harbor photos.

On Saturday Amber and I made an impromptu trip to Newport, RI in order to dodge the rainy weather in Boston and further north.  Newport is both beautiful and wealthy with some of the biggest houses I have ever seen, and a LOT of them .

That night we met up with Amanda and LaShara for dinner and enjoyed each others company.  We had a great brunch on Sunday before having to leave for the airport (wish I could have avoided that fiasco).

Overall, I wish the weather was better, but it was great to see good friends and finally make good on my promise to visit!  Managed to take some good photos too…

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  1. Sounds like a fun time other than the transportation issues.