Living Abroad

It seems like every time I post on this site lately, it’s a heady introspective on life and goals.  Not sure why that is, but I think that because I have only been writing here 2 times a year, I try to make it worthwhile.

Writing has been difficult for me at times given my commitments as an agency owner, bodyguard, pool supply mogul, board member and myriad other things that fill my time.

See, two paragraphs in and I can already feel this post is turning into one of those types of posts.  I’m starting to annoy even myself.  This post wasn’t about that.

This post was about the thought of living abroad, which is actually tied to one of the goals I wrote down for myself in 2005.  I have always wanted to live abroad and learn another language, but once again I never thought it possible.

I’m still not sure how possible it is, but the notion has consumed my thoughts lately.  As my engagement approaches wedding, Amanda and I will need to make some decisions about where to live, work/life balance and more.  We both are very interested in the idea of living abroad at some point, and may take steps to make this happen.

Not that I have many readers left, but I was wondering if anyone has ever had this type of experience?  I asked my Facebook friends this question and got a resounding response that living abroad is a fantastic experience and everyone would gladly do it again.

That’s the type of experience I am looking for.  Going back to my roots in a sense.  Working remotely with clients, growing our business internationally, taking awesome vacations, writing more often, becoming a professional quality photographer and creating a photo blog.

I have no timeline for when we will do this (if at all) and no plans at this point.  It could be in 3 years, it could be in 10.  Heck, it could be in 20.

So what are your thoughts on packing up and moving abroad?   Would you choose the location and then move, or move wherever the wind takes you?  Would you keep your worldly possessions at home or sell everything and start over?

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  1. Go for it!! E and I have talked about moving to Europe, maybe Spain. Who knows if that’ll ever happen but it would be pretty cool!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Kristi! Spain is a great place to live. I can see the Three Deep offices in Barcelona one day…
    Vivir en el extranjero es genial!