Last week I spent 4 days at a conference in Seattle called Mozcon. While the primary subject of content was search engine optimization (SEO), a lot of the conversations were around how content impacts SEO, how it is affecting search rankings, and how it’s the right thing to do. Create something great.

I left the conference inspired to start writing again based on the content of the conference, as well as from a conversation I had with Marty from Aimclear. He gave me an idea to write a blog post about wine, which I have in the works right now.

In addition, I realized that I have been making far too many excuses when it comes to writing, and I just need to suck it up. I’m embarrassed that I start posts and never finish them. I’m annoyed that I don’t make it a priority.

One of my long term goals in my career is to be regarded as a thought leader in online marketing, increase my profile as a national author, and eventually write a book. This will never happen if I don’t write.

I am hoping that I can make that change by making a pledge. I am blocking off one hour on my calendar to write something every single day. This could be posts on jeffsauer.com, threedeepmarketing.com, crossfuse.com or even guest posts on other sites (there may be quite a few of these over time).

Not everything will make its way onto this blog, but you should absolutely expect an increase in posts. At the very least I am going make sure that I can share some of my awesome photos and the stories behind them on a consistent basis.

There you have it. If you want to see me write more, please do leave a comment on this post. Sometimes I think nobody is listening, and the tumbleweeds on my comments section often indicate that to be the case.

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I started blogging in the year 2000, and go in spurts of inspiration followed by long dormancy. I love writing, and your comments keep me going, so comment!

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  1. Write like crazy man – just go nuts… I’ll be reading. You always got a spot on the illustrious scott-dodge.com!

  2. I too start posts and never finish. I wonder if people like us would benefit from some kind of underground society of people who finish each other’s blog posts. I think it could be a very interesting new take on the “choose your own adventure” genre.

    Looking forward to reading more from you soon!

    • That would be a truly valuable service! My drafts folder is an embarrassment of riches. Or dare I say a boneyard of ideas lost.

  3. An hour a day? That’s bold, Sauer. What about just adding one hour per week for the first month to your schedule dedicated to writing? Then another hour in month two. Etc.

    Is your approach sustainable or are you just setting yourself up for failure with your all-or-nothing approach? Will starting blogging cold turkey work?

    You can also submit a guest post on Contentscientists.com. It’s not about Squarespace, but it’s hosted on them 🙂

    • Good points. I usually read every morning for about 2 hours, so I am just diverting one of these hours. I’m also blocking it off on the calendar so nobody books my time. I have no idea if it’s sustainable, but it really is empowering to say I’m doing it.

      Already have written 4 things in 2 days, so I may be like a squirrel preparing for winter for a while.

  4. Chris Bradley says

    Do it, Jeff. You’ve got it in you.