Photo Opp: McCovey Cove

McCovey cove is a sight from the lovely backside of AT&T Park in San Francisco. For those of you who have had the opportunity to see a game at this Ballpark, you know that it’s regarded as one of the best parks in baseball.

This was my second time visiting the park in October of 2010, when the Giants took on the Phillies in the NLCS on their way to a championship. With standing room only tickets, we had no seat to watch the game, and not many opportunities to view the action. As a result, we spent quite a bit of time look at all of the action in McCovey cove.

You may recall seeing all of the kayaks lined up in the water on TV when Barry Bonds was setting the single season steroid fueled home run record. It’s a sight to be seen!

If you are ever in San Francisco on a summer day, be sure to check out a game at AT&T Park. Baseball fan or not, you will enjoy it.

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  1. I think we drove by the stadium while we were there….. what an awesome view of the Bay!!