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Hotel Audible: St. Regis Mauritius to Four Seasons Mauritius

St. Regis Mauritius -> Four Seasons Mauritius

I recently posted a review of the Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita on Jeffsetter, but wanted to tell the story about how we came to stay at that resort here.

I have never stayed at a Four Seasons hotel or resort before, because frankly they have always been out of my budget and seemed extravagant. Even for our trip to Mauritius, we had booked a completely different hotel for our 5 nights on the island, the brand new St. Regis on the west side of the island, and we fully intended to stay there until we learned a few weeks before the honeymoon that the resort opening was delayed until November.

St. Regis Mauritius

We were looking forward to this part of Mauritius

This was a bummer, because the St. Regis looked amazing, but they could not have been kinder in helping us find alternate accommodations. They proactively offered to move us to a similar room at one of 4 other resorts on the island, without changing our hotel rate. We let them know that our second choice would have been the Four Seasons resort, and they were able to find us accommodations at the Four Seasons in an Ocean Villa. This proved to be an excellent deal for us, because the room prices at the Four Seasons would have been well outside of our price range normally. In addition, the hotel also agreed to give us half-board accommodations, which covered the cost of our breakfast and dinners.

Essentially, this allowed us to stay at the Four Seasons in Mauritius for about half of what it would cost if we paid rack rates. An amazing deal when we weren’t even looking for a deal this time. I need to avoid mentioning prices in these posts to protect the will of our friends at the St. Regis and the Four Seasons.

The people at the St. Regis in Mauritius were very gracious and accommodating to our needs. They even sent over two branded t-shirts and some local rum as a token of apology, along with a hand written note when we would be coming back to visit them.

Welcome Gift from the St. Regis

Welcome Gift from the St. Regis

After our fantastic time on the island, we may have to go back sooner than later!

Jeffsetter Travel Blog

I have been writing about my travel experiences on since I went to Kenya in college and Tokyo after college. During that time I have provided sporadic updates and had little dedication to posting everything. While I want to post more often, it just hasn’t been a priority.

Now I am making it a big priority and dedicating an entire site to writing about travel. As a self proclaimed “travel hacker” I have dedicated the past several years to learning more about how to get free travel to aspirational destinations, and Jeffsetter is where I share my knowledge, passion and experiences.

If you want to learn everything about travel hacking, please do visit Jeffsetter!

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Paris Layover Photo Gallery

This was my second time in Paris, and I shared my deep thoughts on Paris back in 2007. This time I was visiting after a passport fiasco in the US and some flight re-routing, Amanda and I found ourselves in Paris with 10 hours to kill.

After showering at the Air France lounge and making sure our travel arrangements were in order, we took a train into the city to explore a few monuments before heading to Mauritius

The day was cloudy, but that didn’t deter us from having some fun for a few hours.

Read a full recap of our Layover in Paris at Jeffsetter.

Air France Business Class Review: Detroit (DTW) to Paris (CDG)

Mauritius, Munich, Oktoberfest, Berchtesgaden and Paris: Air France Business Class Review

Trip Summary: Back in January of 2012 I decided to put my frequent flyer mileage knowledge, skills and learnings to the test and book the honeymoon of our dreams for my wife and me. While it took several months for the plans to fully materialize, the result was an amazing, while not always seamless trip. This is not only a recap of the trip we took and how we got there, but also the beginning of more formal travel blogging to showcase my adventures in the United States and abroad. 

This trip will be summarized in the following topics:

This was perhaps the best flight of my life until this point for reasons outside of the actual level of service received on the flight. As explained in a  previous post about a passport scare, this flight almost never happened.  The space we were able to secure on AF377 to Paris was a blessing, and I have counted my blessings ever since.

The airplane itself was an Airbus A340-300 with 6 rows of business class seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. While I was slightly disappointed that I would not have the chance to ride across the pond in an Airbus A380 that was scheduled originally, I was simply counting my blessings that I had a flight at all at this point. My companion and I were situated on the right hand side of the plane, in row 5. This is definitely my preference for international flights – sitting next to companion with one window and one aisle seat for maximum flexibility.

Business Class Seats on Air France

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