Letter to Nest Thermostat Support

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Nest Thermostat WIFI Connection Issues Ruining My Life

Dear NEST team,

I have a first generation Nest Thermostat and I have been unhappy with the performance for quite some time. I am asking for a replacement Nest Thermostat, preferably a second generation where you work out the kinks from Generation 1. Here are my issues:

1) WIFI disconnects and fails to reconnect. When reconnecting, I am forced to re-enter my network and password information

I have read your support articles, so please don’t just send me those links. The main reason why I use your thermostat is to control remotely when I travel. Each time I travel, I turn down heat to save energy and plan to use the app in order to turn up heat for a warm homecoming. After the first month with the thermostat, this stopped working. At some point, Nest cannot connect to my WIFI network and then simply gives up. When I get home, it forces me to re-find my network (even though it has not changed) and re-enter my wifi password (even though it has not changed).

Why is this necessary? I live in a house and this stuff NEVER CHANGES. How can your software/device not remember this? Why have to enter it each time? It’s such a pain. In addition, not remembering means that once your device cannot connect to my network, it just gives up! Why??? I have suffered through 3 software updates and this is still not fixed. How can the software not remember my WIFI network when I am in a house that is not moving anytime soon? I just don’t get it. I am sorry, but I need to vent here, because it’s just so illogical. I know you are all out in California where the temperature is an awesome 70 degrees all day every day, but in Minnesota it’s freezing all of the time and

2) Random Sleepiness Of NEST Thermostat Unit

There are times where the thermostat just doesn’t want to respond. The sensors show inaccurate temperatures and as such, they don’t heat the house. I woke up this morning and I was freezing. The thermostat showed 71 degrees from last night when it was working, but didn’t update at all over the night. After messing around with it and getting it to turn on, it showed 67 degrees. I understand that you provide instructions on how to reset the software for fixing the problems, but this is happening all of the time. It’s like somehow the software has corrupted itself and just doesn’t work. Like somehow Russian hackers came through my WIFI connection, corrupted the software on the NEST just for fun.  Then to erase their tracks, they deleted all of the WIFI information out of my NEST thermostat so that nobody would know.

To this I ask you, are there really Russian hackers in my thermostat, or were there just some flaws in version 1.0 that you needed to work out?

3) I want to believe

I really love what you are doing at NEST and what you stand for, but I equally hate freezing my ass off. Please help me out and provide me with a new unit that can solve my problems. Also, please store WIFI passwords in the unit so that you don’t have to keep on asking. Entering a 20 letter alpha numeric password using a scroll wheel is slightly less frustrating than using an abacus to do long division. Why is my password 20 characters you ask? Well, how else am I supposed to keep the Russian hackers out?

Thank you folks.

Jeff Sauer
Concerned Beta Tester

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  1. Susan Staupe says

    As always, very well said and informative! (oh and you’re hilarious!)

  2. Susan Staupe says

    P.S. Can’t wait to what kind of repsonse you get from NEST!

    • They ended up replacing the Thermostat. Their response was pretty hilarious and when I talked to the guy on the phone he was really cool about my email :).