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The 35 Layer Super Bowl Dip

35 Layer Dip is Complete!

I didn’t invent the idea of taking a traditional 7 layer dip, injecting steroids, adding a multiplier to the number and creating a terrine of taco, but the following step by step guide to creating an 35 layer dip is a true original.

While I was originally inspired by the 47 layer dip, I settled on 35 layers for two reasons: 1) Many of the items in the 47 layer dip were gross and 2) I wanted to make a dip that would taste good and include items I would consider to be normally welcomed in a Mexican dish. Sure, some things are a stretch (like the addition of pulled pork and Feta Cheese), but they are also deliciously welcomed by those with an open mind and empty stomach.

Math Wizards will appreciate that 35 is easily divisible by 7, resulting in the number 5. One could say that this dip will have 5x the impact of your standard 7 layer dip. Pragmatists understand that the maximum that something can be better than something else is 5x, so why waste our cycles considering a number of more grandeur? [Read more…]