Porkapalooza VII Announced

Note: This is a private invitation to my annual BBQ and not a public event. With that said, I had so much fun writing it that I am sharing on my site for your enjoyment. 

As is tradition with Porkapalooza, I send out the invitation each year after the last snowfall. Every year I go through the Evite process and create an invitation with some sort of BBQ theme on it. At what point will evite just give me a personalized template each year? 200 pounds of pork? 500 pounds? AT WHAT POINT?!?

Let me calm down a bit as I explain what you can expect during the seventh “summer” solstice of Pork. Last year’s theme was breaking the 100 pounds of pork barrier, which seemed like an ungodly amount of pork to be present in one persons house. Doubters questioned whether 100 pounds of pork was necessary and others looked forward to pork leftovers for the next several months.

They were all wrong; we consumed over 100 pounds of pork last year at Porkapalooza! That means every single person who attended the event ate between 1 and 2 pounds of pork like it was their job.

That day we sat and drank (and ate pork) with the sun on our shoulders and felt like free men (and women).

At least until the rain came… and the hail. And the backyard carnage that ensued. Thankfully, the bouncy castle survived. For those of you who weren’t able to attend or who left early, here was the scene from Porkapalooza amid the hailstorm that washed out Porkapalooza earlier than planned.


That was some good old fashioned fun!

How will we top it this year? MORE.

More Pig. More excess. More stories. More fun. More of the porkapalooza that you have come to know and love. And maybe some new surprises.

Traditions will be upheld: Ribs. Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Homemade Chipotle Cheese Sausages. Pork Belly. Bacon Explosions. Family, Friends and Fun.  Maybe we’ll even see a reappearance of the Cuban Sauer.

New traditions will be introduced: 3 mini-kegs of beer brewed specifically for Porkapalooza (one of them will be infused with the traditions of BBQ’ing). Pork as an art form (you will have to see this to believe it).

I am also considering a new policy that I lovingly call: Side Dish, Donation or Freeload where you get to choose your own adventure! You can either bring a side dish (salad, dessert, supplies), donate any amount you want to donate to the local food shelf (we will have a collection cup) or do neither! That’s right, if you just want to come and enjoy yourself without the hassle of making/buying/donating something, then just come to enjoy yourself!

If you want to bring something, simply sign up for it on the evite invitation and bring it with you. It’s that easy.

Porkapalooza is something I look forward to every year and I hope you do too! Let’s make Porkapalooza 2013 a memorable one.

See you soon

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