2008 AFC Playoffs as a Chipotle Burrito

If you enjoyed the NFC portion of this preview, then you’ll love the AFC! This post includes references to bursting burritos, cutting meat, explosive diarrhea, tough ass steak, consistency in rice, and medium salsa.

If you enjoyed the NFC portion of this preview, then you’ll love the AFC! This post includes references to bursting burritos, cutting meat, explosive diarrhea, tough ass steak, consistency in rice, and medium salsa.

**TKOT note** We would like to thank “Sauer” for putting in the time and effort to preview the NFL Playoffs. The three of us are still a little hungover from New Years so having the NFL playoff piece written from a “stranger” was a great save for TKOT. Thanks man!

1) Bursting Burrito = New England Patriots 

Anyone who frequents Chipotle as much as I do should be well aware of a phenomenon that comes along once in every 100 or so burritos. I am talking about the infamous double-wrapper! For those of you who have not been exposed to this phenomenon, a double-wrapper is when you order a burrito that gets so stuffed with ingredients that there is no possible way that it can all fit into a single tortilla. The burrito is so stacked with greatness that when the Chipotle employee tries to make the burrito take form, the tortilla splits down the middle, spilling the contents all over the place. In order to deliver your burrito as promised, they are forced to wrap it with a second tortilla!

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2008 NFC Playoffs Preview – Chipotle Style

Hey all – I wrote a guest post on a blog that is written by three of my college friends called TK on Toast. They are sports nuts and their site is pretty awesome. It is written from the point of view of a sports fan (with a slight Minnesota bias), and I think they are doing a great job.

Anyway, they have a feature on their blog where they let their friends do guest posts and sound off on whatever topic they like to talk about.  I decided to do an NFL playoffs preview comparing playoff teams to ingredients in a Chipotle burrito. It turned out to be a pretty solid post, and I encourage you to read it if you have any interest in the NFL or Chipotle.

Today’s post was about the NFC playoffs. Tomorrow I cover the AFC. Enjoy!

2008 Burrito Bol – NFC Playoffs Preview Â

Chipotle Roseville Opens Today!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who tipped me off to a new Chipotle store opening in Roseville, Minnesota. It appears as if my previous efforts may have influenced the opening of a Chipotle store right in my back yard. Today, October 26, 2007 marks the culmination of my being. To this point, I merely floated through life. Now that my purpose of bringing Potle to Roseville has been fulfilled, I feel that I can now say I have lead a meaningful life.

As for the opening ceremonies, I was hoping that I could be there at 11 AM for the store opening, but I also want to be there at 3 PM for the free shirt giveaway. Right now I’m leaning toward eating there twice.

Thanks to everyone who tipped me off to the store opening in Roseville. I actually learned about the store the first time when my friend Skaff called me about it way back in July. Since then, I have received random calls, emails and MySpace messages from people once or twice a week! There’s too many of you to mention on here, but thank you Kristi S, Erik K, Rachel S and Greg at Chipotlog.

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Chipotle Roseville

Dear Chipotle,

It has been almost two years since I have last written you. During that time, a lot has changed in my life. I have matured, had minor success in my career, and I have upped my Chipotle intake to 3-4 times a week.

One thing that has not changed in my life is an ongoing travesty that has been overlooked for far too long. I am talking about an injustice for the ages; a lone tarnished mark on an otherwise flawless canopy of a “burrito heaven of a metro area”. I am speaking of the disappointing lack of a Chipotle in the Roseville, Minnesota area. Zip Code 55113.

Here is a map of the Chipotle restaurants in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) metro area.


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Reply from Chipotle


Thank you for writing us, and we certainly appreciate your loyalty to our food and restaurants. That is not debatable. And while you are most definitely not the first person either inside or outside our company to consider frequency programs and the like, that of course doesn’t mean that we don’t listen to this suggestion or consider it anew every time it is suggested.

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Chipotle Roseville

Those of you who read my Open Letter to Chipotle, may be wondering if I ever received a response to request to bring Chipotle to Roseville. The answer is yes. One of the things they asked me to do in their response was to scout locations for a potential Roseville location.

Until recently, I haven’t been holding up my end of the bargain. I did not even respond to their letter. I guess it was a combination of feeling slighted and laziness. Well, I recently skinny dipped in the motivation pool, and I am once again on a mission to bring Chipotle to Roseville.

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Free Burrito Freestyle

I wrote this in 6 minutes, so I apologize if it sucks.

where to start I don’t know
how about black and pinto?
so many options, but I go the same
chicken fajita is why I came

the sour cream is a dream
the cheese keeps me at ease
should I go bol or fajita?
I guess it all depends on the dia

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An Open Letter to Chipotle

Dear Chipotle,
As a loyal fan of the Chipotle franchise, I have never questioned your business practices or recipes. I can clearly see that the Chipotle franchise is run by a group of perfectionists, who always strive to be the best. I would never tempt to interfere with perfection, so I have remained silent amid years of Chipotle loyalty. However, I am becoming more and more perturbed by a pressing issue that I feel has gone unresolved for too long. Given my history of loyalty to your franchise, I feel that I have earned my right to make a suggestion that will surely lead to increased satisfaction with your product. I am proposing that chipotle implement a Burrito Incentive Program (BIP) to reward the most loyal of customers.

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Random Thoughts on Chipotle:

The Burrito Nazi (the guy who takes orders at chipotle) bears a striking resemblance to “Every Day Eddie” Guardado, closer for your very own MN Twins.

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