Photo Gallery: Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest Munich 2012 Pictures

While you will soon be able to read the story about the travel portion of Oktoberfest in Munich on Jeffsetter, I wanted to share the full photo set here for friends and family.

Oktoberfest was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Great beer, food and fun with all kinds of American expatriates in Munich. Amanda and I met some great new friends and have memories we won’t soon forget.

We got treated to excellent seats at the Hippodrome through Amanda’s work, with a table overlooking the main floor of the hippodrome. The table came with some great food as well.

All was great, and after our time in the tent we ended up going on a few rides and then watched the single most entertaining game I have ever seen (video below).

By the way, have you been following the honeymoon trip on Jeffsetter?  Get Caught up here.

Lederhosen Shopping

Lederhosen Shopping

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Experimenting with my new D-SLR Camera, the Canon t4i

For our 6 month anniversary as Amanda called it (which happens to be December 25th/Christmas), Amanda gave me a present that I have been wanting for years, but had not purchased for myself: a Digital SLR Camera. Before buying, she consulted withmy sister in law/professional photographer Michelle Sauer who helped her decide on getting the Canon t4i EOS rebel with the 18-200mm zoom lens.

While I am still a newbie when it comes to using these cameras, I do understand that this configuration will help me be able to shoot landscapes very well – which is perfect, because that is the type of photos I most enjoy taking. I am most excited about this camera, because I plan to use it on my upcoming trips to Turkey and French Polynesia in April and June. I should be able to find some great subjects to photograph with my new toy!

In the meantime, I took the camera with me everywhere I went and experimented with taking photos to get the hang of things. I also had Michelle demonstrate some of the finer points of the camera to me in order to better understand what I am doing.

The result? Many photos of food from our Christmas dinner, our family foosball tournament and New Years eve. Of the 200+ photos taken, I was able to find around 20 photos that didn’t totally suck. Here you go!

Christmas Charcuterie Appetizer

Christmas Charcuterie Appetizer

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Photo Opp: Washington DC Cherry Blossoms in Monochrome


The blooming of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC is a big draw each year to our nations capital. It’s the sign of spring, with pink blossoms decorating much of the city, especially the Tidal Basin where many of the trees are aligned.

The trees were a gift to the US from Japan, and they have proven to be the gift that keeps on giving.

I was fortunate to have been there at peak bloom in 2012, and took many pictures of the event. However, I’m not sharing them all today. Today I’m sharing the one picture I have that completely strips out the color and lends focus simply to the scene. It was beautiful.

Surely in a future photo opp we will examine more cherry blossom photos, that time in technicolor.


Photo Opp: Red Bull Crashed Ice in St. Paul

Sometimes the craziest things are in your own back yard.

Last January there was a buzz around St. Paul for about 2 weeks. It’s exactly what the city needed, because January in St. Paul is a miserable place.

So what would it take to have tens of thousands of people converge on an innocuous hill in St. Paul during 0 degree temperatures?

How about a lit up Cathedral with an iced staircase and grown men dressed in hockey gear skating down a massive ice luge?

Yes, that’s exactly what happened when the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour invaded St. Paul in January of 2012.

I happened to walk over to the festivities after work one Friday to check out preliminary action. After about 15 bone chilling moments I had my excitement, and even snapped a few photos along the way.

Photo Opp: McCovey Cove

McCovey cove is a sight from the lovely backside of AT&T Park in San Francisco. For those of you who have had the opportunity to see a game at this Ballpark, you know that it’s regarded as one of the best parks in baseball.

This was my second time visiting the park in October of 2010, when the Giants took on the Phillies in the NLCS on their way to a championship. With standing room only tickets, we had no seat to watch the game, and not many opportunities to view the action. As a result, we spent quite a bit of time look at all of the action in McCovey cove.

You may recall seeing all of the kayaks lined up in the water on TV when Barry Bonds was setting the single season steroid fueled home run record. It’s a sight to be seen!

If you are ever in San Francisco on a summer day, be sure to check out a game at AT&T Park. Baseball fan or not, you will enjoy it.

Twins Target Field Photos

The Minnesota Twins, my favorite sports team, opened their new stadium this year. I am fortunate enough to have season tickets to this beautiful venue.

These photos consist of three events:

  • Target Field Open House in March
  • First Twins Exhibition game vs. the Cardinals on April 2nd
  • Second Twins Exhibition game on April 3rd

The stadium itself is beyond what I ever expected – it’s simply beautiful and is perfectly designed and executed on all fronts.  There isn’t a bad view in the entire stadium.  There are sections that are protected from the weather/elements and others that are completely exposed.  Some of the seats are heated!

Target Field is a great place to watch baseball.   Enjoy the view!

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A Morning in Ketchikan Alaska

By the time we woke up on Thursday morning, the ship was already docked in Ketchikan. We only had a few hours in port, so we hastily got ready for the day and got off the ship as soon as possible. The ship was required to leave at 11:45 AM, so we wanted to make the most out of our short time in the city.

Ketchikan is a very unique city and I found it to be very beautiful as well. We were told that the city receives rain over 200 days a year, so it was surprising to see the sun while we were there. We also learned that the climate of Ketchikan is actually much warmer than Minnesota’s climate, that it rarely gets below 30 in the winter, and the summers are mild and not nearly as humid. I always thought Alaska would be much colder than Minnesota, but that’s not always the truth.

As soon as we got off the ship, we were once again greeted by several people trying to sell us day trips. Since we only had a limited amount of time in port, we decided to forgo an excursion and play things by ear for the day. My dad had heard about a lumberjack show that was taking place, and really wanted to go. I wasn’t too interested in going because it seemed like a ripoff ($36 for a one hour show… and the show went until 11:45 AM), but I caved when I realized there really weren’t many other options.

We had a few hours to kill before the show, so we walked around the town to see what it was all about. From what I heard, Ketchikan is a fishing village, and is actually the launching point for much of the deep sea fishing that takes place in Alaska. This definitely sounded accurate, as there were tons of boats in the harbor (to go along with the great views and photo ops).

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Digital Photography

I decided that my next hobby/passion/obsession is going to be digital photography.

Not just digital photography, but really good quality photographs. Most of you will find this as a complete surprise, but it is actually something that I have thought about for a long time. Here’s the exact thought process that helped me arrive at my new “passion” of really good digital photographs:


I worked at the Greatest University in the World at the Web and Media services department, which allowed me to have visibility into both web production as well as the photographers from St. Thomas. One of the people I worked with (although never directly) was a guy named Roger Rich. He is a legend at St. Thomas, and is pretty much a photography God. In fact, he is the person who immortalized Bill and myself on the St. Thomas email login page (click the link so you can check out my ridiculous blond hair dye – which was self inflicted). I saw his technique and skill, and I was always intrigued with what he was doing. However, I never really took the time to learn the craft.

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Dancing Niece

So I went to a wedding last weekend for my sister in law Michelle’s sister Erin. It was a lot of fun! Easily the most entertaining part was Annika dancing up a storm on the dance floor. Here is a video of Annika dancing. Enjoy!


Here’s a few pics that I sniped from my sister, Kristi, as well:

Jeff and Jimbo Sauer

Me and my Pops, Jimbo Sauer

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