Letter to Nest Thermostat Support

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Nest Thermostat WIFI Connection Issues Ruining My Life

Dear NEST team,

I have a first generation Nest Thermostat and I have been unhappy with the performance for quite some time. I am asking for a replacement Nest Thermostat, preferably a second generation where you work out the kinks from Generation 1. Here are my issues:

1) WIFI disconnects and fails to reconnect. When reconnecting, I am forced to re-enter my network and password information

I have read your support articles, so please don’t just send me those links. The main reason why I use your thermostat is to control remotely when I travel. Each time I travel, I turn down heat to save energy and plan to use the app in order to turn up heat for a warm homecoming. After the first month with the thermostat, this stopped working. At some point, Nest cannot connect to my WIFI network and then simply gives up. When I get home, it forces me to re-find my network (even though it has not changed) and re-enter my wifi password (even though it has not changed). [Read more…]

Who would play Sloth in a Goonies Remake?

On a long enough timeline, all conversations turn to the Goonies.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the topic of conversation naturally turned to the classic 80’s movie the Goonies and whether or not we should be expecting it to be remade in the future. I would consider it an inevitability at this point, since just about every movie from my childhood has already been remade for the worse.

But that’s not important. What is really important is who will play the character of Sloth when the movie is remade. [Read more…]

Photo Opp: Red Bull Crashed Ice in St. Paul

Sometimes the craziest things are in your own back yard.

Last January there was a buzz around St. Paul for about 2 weeks. It’s exactly what the city needed, because January in St. Paul is a miserable place.

So what would it take to have tens of thousands of people converge on an innocuous hill in St. Paul during 0 degree temperatures?

How about a lit up Cathedral with an iced staircase and grown men dressed in hockey gear skating down a massive ice luge?

Yes, that’s exactly what happened when the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour invaded St. Paul in January of 2012.

I happened to walk over to the festivities after work one Friday to check out preliminary action. After about 15 bone chilling moments I had my excitement, and even snapped a few photos along the way.


Time is an artificial barometer we use to indicate success and failure.  We draw a line in the sand and judge all of our achievements based on where we stand when we hit that deadline.  Meet your goal before the alarm goes off and you are considered a success.  Miss the deadline and you have either failed outright, or you have already adjusted your expectations to aim for something more realistic. Depending on your motivation and self worth, expectations can be adjusted indefinitely or forgotten entirely as time passes.

Today I turn 30 years old, and for some reason this has always been the age I have used to judge successes and failures.  I have no idea why, but I never set any goals for myself to be achieved by 40 or 50 or even 35.  I just never thought of life beyond 30.  The thought of getting this far seemed light years away, so most of my explicit goals were to be done by the arbitrary age of 30.

As long as I can remember, there have been two overarching goals that were centered around 30:

  1. To travel to 6 continents before I turn 30
  2. When I was 18, I told my Grandpa that I would become a millionaire by age 30

I wrote about the first goal of world travel extensively last month, having achieved the goal mere months before my self-imposed deadline.  I have written nary a word of the second goal in this blog or elsewhere, as to be so would likely create more negative reaction than I could fragilely handle at any point in the previous 30 years.

I write about it today only to share in my failure to achieve this goal.  I do not have $1 Million in US currency in the bank.  On the very date I was supposed to celebrate my financial achievement I am publicly admitting defeat.

Why am I doing this?

Because even while admitting failure, a failure I am not.  Setting a big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) and laying a foundation to meet this goal has mixed my lifes achievements into a cocktail of experiences and fiduciary responsibility.

Chasing my goal helped me get out of debt.  It allowed me to quit my dead end job and join Three Deep as a consultant.  It afforded me the opportunity to meet so many great people over the years and find my voice both personally and professionally.

It has humbled me as I watched a company I helped build make the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies, all while achieving the title of the 9th best place to work in the Twin Cities.  Creating jobs and watching Three Deep grow from 5 people to 35+ people in the worst recession of the past several generations.  This is worth far more than money.

Throughout all of this, money has really not factored into any of my career or personal decisions since I quit “working for the man” in 2006.   Its only influence has been in motivating me to quit in the first place.  That decision alone has put me in a position to someday achieve my arbitrary goal.

And the money will come.  I have just adjusted my expectations to something more realistic.

25 Random Things about Me

1. I think I could be a stand up comedian, but my jokes would be filthy. Sort of like Bob Saget in the Aristocrats. You wouldn’t see it coming (unless you’ve been to bachelor parties with me). Speaking of Bachelor Parties, I once had a flex off at 4 AM with my buddy Kev. Neither of us were worthy of a victory, so it will go down in history as a tie.

Most Underrated Movie Ever?

Most Underrated Movie Ever?

2. It is quite possible that I am the biggest fan of the movie Cable Guy in the world. I genuinely think that it’s a hilarious movie. Plus the fact that it bombed in the box office and a lot of people didn’t like it just adds fuel to the fire. America just wasn’t ready for Cable Guy!

3. I have gone to several countries without a plan. Each time I was able to get around via public transportation and order food by pointing at menus. Now that I think about it, I guess I did have a plan for where I’m staying, so saying I have no plan was a lie.

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My Favorite Web Sites – Part 2

See part 1 here

I spend a lot of time on the web. Most of it is business related, but I do take time away to play. Here are some more of my favorite sites:


Stuff White People Like



This site has gained a TON of momentum over the past several weeks, and rightfully so; it’s hilarious! Very insightful, yet ultimately self deprecating, Stuff White People Like is a blog that chronicles the nuances that go into the decision making process of the average white (and I would assume affluent, 25-45 year olds) person. Hilarity generally ensues. The writing isn’t particularly laugh out loud funny, but if you can have a sense of humor about yourself, it becomes hilarious as you begin to see bits and pieces of yourself in the writing.

Signature Post:

Most posts can be given signature status, but two recent posts really made me laugh out loud. The first is the post about the Wire, which is a great television show. This article easily could have been written about me. The second is about hating corporations. Since I’m not the biggest fan of corporations, this one fits me as well (although often for different reasons than outlined in the article).


Jake and Amir Dot Com


JakeAmir.jpgOne of the stupidest sites on the web, but I absolutely love it. Jake and Amir are two guys who work for College Humor. Every few days they post a video that’s about 1-3 minutes long, and it details Amir’s unhealthy man-crush on Jake. The videos are all a little odd, and make me laugh about 90% of the time. Not everyone will think this site is funny, but if you like the one I’m posting, chances are you’ll like them all.

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Does Anybody Even Eat The Cranberries?

I started writing this on Thanksgiving, but forgot to finish until now

While I feel that I am an excellent long term planner (far beyond my years, actually), I am not very bright when it comes to planning for the short term. Generally I’m resourceful enough to overcome this lack of planning ability, but sometimes things are beyond my control. Case in point, Thanksgiving.

This year I was going to family Thanksgiving in St. Cloud like my family does every other year. I’m at the point now where I’m old enough that I am required to bring a side dish of some sort to family functions, and this time my mission was cranberry sauce. Naturally, I forgot that I was supposed to bring something, and didn’t buy Cranberry sauce during the week as I should have.

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My Top 10 Favorite Jeffsauer.com Posts

In honor of the new post rating system that I implemented this weekend, I thought I would compile a list of my 10 favorite posts in the history of this site.

10. I believe
Me in a nutshell. In this post I outline my beliefs, which are inane, petty and often far-fetched. If you ever wanted to know what I stand for, read this one!

9. Romeo Must Die… So Must Whitey
I thought I was going to see a movie, but I ended up being scared for my life. Find out why.

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Now You Can Vote For Your Favorite Stories

Please note that this is my 100th post on this site! I celebration of that feat, I am adding a new feature. Read on.

I have been publishing stupid stories on my web site since 2000. It started when I was in college doing web design at St. Thomas. I made a site on the St. Thomas server (It was iss.stthomas.edu/sauerw to be exact), and used Cold Fusion to post my thoughts for my friends. The only way you could get to the site was through my AOL Instant Messenger profile (sowcow50). People started reading my site for whatever reason, and I started to get a decent number of people who would email me/call me/talk to me at parties saying that they had read my web site and thought it was funny. So, I kept on posting, and it has gone from there. Some months I would post every day, but ever since I graduated college, my post frequency has declined to a high of 1-2 posts a month to a low of one post a quarter (with the exception of my travel diaries, which are often posted daily).

I guess I just created this site to write stuff. There was no commercial intent, no real reason for the site at all, other than to just write stuff when I was bored. Somehow it has caught on among people that I know and don’t know, and now I get thousands of visitors a month, and the number of visitors increases each and every month! I swear that I don’t even know that many people, but somehow people keep coming back.

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They Took Our Jobs

I am a huge South Park fan, so when I saw this on Youtube, I was pretty happy![youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSb1Orv_shE[/youtube]

This was pretty much all that I said for an entire year circa 2004.