A Weekend in Alexandria, VA

For years I have heard the references to the city of Alexandria, VA and thought nothing of it.  I had no idea if it was a big city, a suburb or where it was located in the state of Virginia.  I knew it was loosely associated with Washington, DC, but that was about it.

It wasn’t until my first visit to DC in 2010 that I got a chance to visit Alexandria, and I soon realized that it was a beautiful town situated just outside of our nations capital.  Even better, a large section of the city known as Old Town is preserved from the original city settlement in the 1700’s.

During my weeklong stay in DC, Amanda and I spent the weekend in Old Town Alexandria at the gorgeous Hotel Monaco.  We booked this hotel using Jetsetter on a whim and we were not disappointed.  It was beautiful and in a perfect location.  Plus, we got a pretty good deal and nice room through the Jetsetter service.

The main reason for choosing Alexandria that weekend was a party that Amanda was invited to attend with her friends Paul and Amy.  It was a surprise party for Amy and she was very surprised!

In addition to the party, we had excellent meals at a Thai restaurant and the best nachos we’ve ever had at a restaurant called Jackson 20.  They were waffle cut fries with BBQ beef, cheese and horseradish sauce.  While it may sound weird, they were fantastic.

We also got to eat at my favorite hole in the wall restaurant, Bilbo Baggins.  Being a LOTR nerd, I had to go there when I visited in 2010.  It was so good that it warranted a return visit in 2011.  With their excellent beer choices and wood fired pizzas, I will probably go back every time I am in Alexandria from this point forward.

Most of the pictures below were taken along the harbor of the Potomac River.  I didn’t bring my camera along for much of the weekend due to laziness and 95 degree temperatures forcing me to pack as lightly as possible.  Still snapped some good photos, though, so enjoy!