Now You Can Vote For Your Favorite Stories

Please note that this is my 100th post on this site! I celebration of that feat, I am adding a new feature. Read on.

I have been publishing stupid stories on my web site since 2000. It started when I was in college doing web design at St. Thomas. I made a site on the St. Thomas server (It was to be exact), and used Cold Fusion to post my thoughts for my friends. The only way you could get to the site was through my AOL Instant Messenger profile (sowcow50). People started reading my site for whatever reason, and I started to get a decent number of people who would email me/call me/talk to me at parties saying that they had read my web site and thought it was funny. So, I kept on posting, and it has gone from there. Some months I would post every day, but ever since I graduated college, my post frequency has declined to a high of 1-2 posts a month to a low of one post a quarter (with the exception of my travel diaries, which are often posted daily).

I guess I just created this site to write stuff. There was no commercial intent, no real reason for the site at all, other than to just write stuff when I was bored. Somehow it has caught on among people that I know and don’t know, and now I get thousands of visitors a month, and the number of visitors increases each and every month! I swear that I don’t even know that many people, but somehow people keep coming back.

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