My Favorite Web Sites: Part 1

As part of my livelihood, as well as lifestyle, I am required to be on the Internet pretty much all the time. As a result, I come across awesome web sites pretty much every single day. I am always emailing and IM’ing the funny sites that I find to my friends, and I figured I should also post some of them on here too. Check these out!

Site Hot Chicks with Douche Bags

Synopsis – This site is amazing. The author (DB1), posts pictures of beautiful women accompanied by guys who are total Douche Bags. He posts several times a day, and it is always hilarious. There is at least one post a day that makes me literally laugh out loud. I wish I would have come up with this idea years ago when I defined the term “Douche Nozzle” on the Urban Dictionary (I am sowcow50).

Signature PostThe Gator. This guy is the epitome of douchedom; the fake tan, the blank stare, the overly tight shirt. You name it, he can ‘bag it.

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