Experimenting with my new D-SLR Camera, the Canon t4i

For our 6 month anniversary as Amanda called it (which happens to be December 25th/Christmas), Amanda gave me a present that I have been wanting for years, but had not purchased for myself: a Digital SLR Camera. Before buying, she consulted withmy sister in law/professional photographer Michelle Sauer who helped her decide on getting the Canon t4iĀ EOS rebel with the 18-200mm zoom lens.

While I am still a newbie when it comes to using these cameras, I do understand that this configuration will help me be able to shoot landscapes very well – which is perfect, because that is the type of photos I most enjoy taking. I am most excited about this camera, because I plan to use it on my upcoming trips to Turkey and French Polynesia in April and June. I should be able to find some great subjects to photograph with my new toy!

In the meantime, I took the camera with me everywhere I went and experimented with taking photos to get the hang of things. I also had Michelle demonstrate some of the finer points of the camera to me in order to better understand what I am doing.

The result? Many photos of food from our Christmas dinner, our family foosball tournament and New Years eve. Of the 200+ photos taken, I was able to find around 20 photos that didn’t totally suck. Here you go!

Christmas Charcuterie Appetizer

Christmas Charcuterie Appetizer

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