My Favorite Web Sites – Part 2

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I spend a lot of time on the web. Most of it is business related, but I do take time away to play. Here are some more of my favorite sites:


Stuff White People Like



This site has gained a TON of momentum over the past several weeks, and rightfully so; it’s hilarious! Very insightful, yet ultimately self deprecating, Stuff White People Like is a blog that chronicles the nuances that go into the decision making process of the average white (and I would assume affluent, 25-45 year olds) person. Hilarity generally ensues. The writing isn’t particularly laugh out loud funny, but if you can have a sense of humor about yourself, it becomes hilarious as you begin to see bits and pieces of yourself in the writing.

Signature Post:

Most posts can be given signature status, but two recent posts really made me laugh out loud. The first is the post about the Wire, which is a great television show. This article easily could have been written about me. The second is about hating corporations. Since I’m not the biggest fan of corporations, this one fits me as well (although often for different reasons than outlined in the article).


Jake and Amir Dot Com


JakeAmir.jpgOne of the stupidest sites on the web, but I absolutely love it. Jake and Amir are two guys who work for College Humor. Every few days they post a video that’s about 1-3 minutes long, and it details Amir’s unhealthy man-crush on Jake. The videos are all a little odd, and make me laugh about 90% of the time. Not everyone will think this site is funny, but if you like the one I’m posting, chances are you’ll like them all.

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My Favorite Web Sites: Part 1

As part of my livelihood, as well as lifestyle, I am required to be on the Internet pretty much all the time. As a result, I come across awesome web sites pretty much every single day. I am always emailing and IM’ing the funny sites that I find to my friends, and I figured I should also post some of them on here too. Check these out!

Site Hot Chicks with Douche Bags

Synopsis – This site is amazing. The author (DB1), posts pictures of beautiful women accompanied by guys who are total Douche Bags. He posts several times a day, and it is always hilarious. There is at least one post a day that makes me literally laugh out loud. I wish I would have come up with this idea years ago when I defined the term “Douche Nozzle” on the Urban Dictionary (I am sowcow50).

Signature PostThe Gator. This guy is the epitome of douchedom; the fake tan, the blank stare, the overly tight shirt. You name it, he can ‘bag it.

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